Who we are

The Tweedlets both share a passion for beauty, food, travel and fitness. Growing up together, they talked about visiting new trendy restaurants, amazing beauty product discoveries, countries they hope to visit or just interesting health related tips.

Tweedle T
With a background in design and branding, she is also a huge foodie who loves baking healthy sweet treats, travelling and trying out different cuisines around the world. Born in Canada, moved to Hong Kong and has been in the UK for 13 years now and loves every bit of it. She spends a lot of her time experimenting new recipes, going to the gym and looking out for new health foods to try. She loves adventures, travelling around the world, experiencing different cultures, as well as taking care of animals.

Tweedle D
A sun worshipper who loves doing typical girly things with friends, but was a proper tomboy while growing up with 3 brothers. She had a passion for swimming in her teens but soon fell in love with lacrosse. Being a cross cultured girl, she loves exploring new places and getting to meet new people. Born and bred in Hong Kong, she is totally obsessed with Asian cuisine, especially Japanese, Korean and Chinese food. She has also spent 8 years in the UK and has grown to love the place.

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