My Signature AvoRice

Keepin’ it simple because aint nobody got time for time-consuming meals. There’s no secret in making AvoRice. It’s simple and easy and you can practically make it anywhere! I usually prep my rice the night before and mix it all in the next day when I have my lunch at the office.

Not to mention, avocados are nutritionally dense, high in fiber, contains more potassium than bananas and are good for the heart. Healthy fats are actually what help give your metabolism the boost it needs to rid your body of unwanted, excess body fat.

All you need is a ripe avocado and your choice of rice. I usually have a mix of tri-colour quinoa with white jasmine rice. The texture is like butter mixed with rice. Plus, pairing it with a low GI carb like quinoa in your meals, it minimises fat storage around the body as the insulin isn’t jacked up!
1. Cook your rice or quinoa as you normally do. Once cooked, let it cool a bit or you can leave it in the fridge if you plan on having it for lunch the next day.
2. Once cooled, cut open your avocado and spoon out all the flesh. You can season it with a bit of garlic pepper or spice of your choice.
*Please note that you don’t need any lime or lemon with it or it would make the rice taste sour*
3. Mash your rice and avocado together. You can either smash your avocado really smooth or leave the chunks in.
4. Top your rice with your choice of protein and veggies.
Having fats and carbs won’t make you gain weight, eating at a caloric surplus will make you gain weight. If you gym/train often, the more reason to eat carbs to help muscle recovery. Keeping a balanced diet is key to your health and fitness.
Mindset is everything. When you do go crazy for a meal or a day (i.e. eating more than you should), don’t hold on and feel guilty, forgive yourself and move on. A full day of cookies and chocolate isn’t going to make you gain kilos. Just be sure to adjust your mindset and start the next day back on track with a positive attitude and focus on your goal! And eat that damn cookie.

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