A Better Florist in Hong Kong

Whether you’re a tourist or a local in Hong Kong, A Better Florist is the best destination to visit if you need flowers. The best florist in Hong Kong definitely has a lot to offer, and it’s very different from other flower shops. They take a totally different approach to creating flowers and catering to customers. Although it’s a big business that started off as the best florist in Singapore, it managed to keep its soul and remain a passionate and trustworthy business.

First of all, it doesn’t fail to impress with its gorgeous blooms, that are always fresh and perky, giving their customers a chance to always grab something exquisite for the ones that they love. They have a very special sense of design and being experts in what they do, they always find a way to create bouquets and arrangements that are unique. You will find a large variety of arrangements in their offering at all times, but they always change things up, so that you don’t always gift the same thing. As a fairly new Hong Kong delivery, they were able to meet all the needs of the existing clientele and offered even more.

Check out their website, and you’ll see everything they have pre-designed, and it’s easy to go through all the options. No thousands of similar choices, each and every bouquet is authentic and they don’t overburden you with choices. The flowers in Singapore are known for being Instagram-worthy and the best flower delivery in Hong Kong does as well in the design department. With a team like that, you should never worry about whether your funeral flowers are appropriate, whether you’ve chosen the right number of flowers or the type of flowers for your first date. They are going to help you have the right bouquet in your hands, and you don’t have to speak the language of flowers.

Don’t miss out on their fruit basket options, or their hampers, because that’s where their creative minds have really gone wild. They give you a chance to personalise everything so that whether you need it for birthdays or anniversaries, they can be themed and appropriate for the occasion.

One of the greatest benefits is that you can shop for their flowers from any location in Hong Kong. They have an online shop, that you can visit via mobile as well, making shopping easy and convenient for everyone. Once you’re finished and you’re ready to order, you can request their same day flower delivery. Contrary to most flower shops, they offer same day flowers completely free, meaning, their delivery won’t cost you a dime. If you’re looking for a cheap florist then you’re going to love A Better Florist. Their delivery comes to any part of Hong Kong, in just 90 minutes, and there’s really no other flower shop as fast as they are.

Feel free to recommend A Better Florist to anyone, if you end up liking them. They also offer a Dubai flower delivery and are known as the best florist in Dubai. Not only there, but they also have several flowers in Kuala Lumpur. Although they’ve just recently expanded there, their KL flower delivery was so successful, they are regarded as the best florist in Kuala Lumpur.

Regardless of whether you need the best florist in Dubai or Hong Kong, A Better Florist should be the flower shop you want to visit and shop from. I highly recommend you visit their website, as it’s highly unlikely you won’t be as mesmerised as I was.

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