EatUp | Meal Preparation Service by Ultimate Performance

With a hectic schedule and no time to prep, it’s easy to loose track of what you eat and it’s so hard to find healthy, “clean”, high protein meals that fits my macros. Especially when you’re on a low card diet! Hong Kong maybe a foodie heaven but this foodie doesn’t like boiled sandpaper chicken breast, and she always go for food she enjoys based on the taste. FOOD ALWAYS MAKES ME HAPPY!

EatUp is a meal prep service by Ultimate Performance which focuses on HIGH protein and LOW carb meals. Ultimate Performance itself, it’s a company which specialises in 12 week transformations and when it comes to nutrition, they know what they are doing. Now with their own in-house chef, they have created gourmet Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner meals designed to facilitate your efforts in the gym (even if you don’t train with them)!

With a service that does all the weighing, measuring, calculates the macronutrients of every single ingredient, cooks them fresh and delivers daily to your desk; it’s an effective service which makes life less stressful, and frees up your time to train harder! They are nourishing, macro-friendly, MSG-free and have a good mix of western and asian fusion variety!

I opted in for a week of their SMALL meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Three meals come down to 1,000 calories daily, 100g protein, 46g fat, 25g carbs. (YES. LOW CARB AF!) It’s perfect for people who are looking to slim down or need to “cut”. Their LARGE meals (Breakfast, Lunch Dinner) is 1,400 calories daily, 140g protein, 78g fat, 35g carbs. The large meals are still relatively low and because they are low in carbs and calories, it gives you the flexibility to eat your snack of choice.. ie. CHOCOLATE!

Here is what my days look like with 1,300kcal:

Breakfast (8am) – Grilled Turkey Breast with Avocado Smash

Snack 1 (11am) – 1 scoop Ultimate Performance Chocotrients and raspberries

Lunch (1pm) – Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak with a Ginger, Citrus, and Sesame Dressing

Snack 2 (4pm) – 1 scoop The Protein Works Diet Whey Complex

Dinner (6:30pm) – Chicken Satay

Snack 3 (8pm) – 100g of Fage Total 0% yoghurt

It all comes down to 1293kcal | P148g C40.4g F61.5g


Breakfast (8am) – Egg Burrito with Ricotta Cheese, Beef, Spinach and Tomatoes

Snack 1 (11am) – 1 Large Orange

Lunch (1pm) – Baked Salmon with Lemon, Dill and Flaked Almonds on a bed of Cabbage

Snack 2 (4pm) – 1 scoop The Protein Works Diet Whey Complex + 1 scoop Ultimate Performance Chocotrients

Dinner (6:30pm) – Ginger Garlic Prawn and Chicken Stir Fry with Choi Sum and Chinese Kale

Snack 3 (8pm) – 100g of Fage Total 0% yoghurt

It all comes down to 1270 kcal | P127.5g C71.2g F57.3g


Whether if you are looking to eat healthier with a more balanced diet than eating out, or you are looking to cut fat; EatUp foods are nutritious, delicious and super filling! Who says healthy food needs to be boring and bland. They are convenient as they deliver to your door every morning and they have recently expanded their delivery service to Kowloon too. You can find out more in regards to their prices and packages here. Not only I have been learning more about portion sizes and macros with EatUp. It gives me a better idea of how much I eat would be satisfyingly enough vs. how much I can eat (which is A LOT) when eating out!


  • FRESH AND NUTRITIOUS: Daily prepared meals using quality ingredients with macros calculated
  • CONVENIENT: Delivered straight to your home or office, and they work around your travel schedule when you need it most
  • DELICIOUS: Specifically designed by Ultimate Performance’s very own in-house chef

Here’s what a week of EatUp and a week of prepping my own meals did to my body. My training stayed the same (a mix of cardio and strength training) but eating with controlled and filling portions, I was able to shed some fat. Read about my relationship with food here and how intermittent fasting was a key in loosing weight for me.

BOTTOM LINE: Eat mindfully. Fuel your workouts with wholesome foods. There’s no good food or bad food, but there’s too much of anything isn’t gonna do you good.

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