Moderation is Key. No food is good or bad.

No food is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. We have been told by the mass media of what’s healthy and what’s not. At the end of the day, are you eating for your health? Or are you eating towards a fitness goals? And these two always gets mix up. Here’s my food diary that shows the different stages I was in my fitness/weightloss/health journey. Eating “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna lose weight and eating “unhealthy” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gong to gain weight.


 The time I was eating “healthy” – all the superfood smoothie bowl, almond butter, vegan gluten free cakes, kale chips, quinoa, stacks of “healthier” pancakes…didn’t have much meat in my diet…no this and no that…and hitting the gym twice a week. These food are good for my health and gut but i didn’t loose any fat or weight and it didn’t work with my fitness goal. (I may have even gained a little).


And ALL OF THIS… took a while for me to adjust. I went on a meal prep wagon, tried out different meal prep service, only eating protein high foods and not much crabs and sometimes I end up eating more chocolate or sugary stuff.


This is NOW and this is what my body shape is like right now. I prep my food, I invested in a slow cooker, I eat out and enjoy it, I stopped restricting on what has been labelled as “bad”. I wasn’t craving for sweet treats as much nor was I wanting high carbs food, like pizza, pasta, burgers all the time. Instead, I was craving more wholesome foods, like chicken, fish, broccoli etc.

Eating more calories over your maintenance for a period of time, without exercise… will cause weight gain. (Calorie Intake > Calorie Output).

With adequate amount of exercising or eating at a calorie deficit will cause weight loss. (Calorie Intake < Calorie Output).

Find out more on what I do and eat on a day to day basis on Instagram: @tweedlets

Bottom Line: Don’t restrict on foods your love, just eat in moderation! No single food with make you gain weight or loose weight.. this isn’t magic🦄. I still stuff myself with pizza, chocolate, cookies, ice cream but I don’t do it everyday. But when I do, I make sure I enjoy it and it works around my macros.

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