Body Transformation | Intermittent Fasting

Chapter 9 out of 12. And still going strong! With a combination of intermittent fasting, eating my macros and everything I love. For the past 4 months (as you can see from the picture), I have been eating 4 – 6 hours later since I wake up. I have been more alert, clearer skin, I can have A LOT OF FOOD and feel much more satisfied with a HUGE AF MEAL. In addition, fasting lowers insulin, boosts HGH and increases catecholamines putting you in the ultimate fat burning state.

YES the first few days were tough and it’s harder for women then men because HANGRY is a thing.

BUT remember, you cannot go too low in calories. Trying to fast all day and then still eating in a huge calorie deficit will put too much stress on your body.

If you’re going too low cal, and knocking carbs or fats from your diet, it can have a negative effect on your hormones and even training (and this has happened to me, I became a grumpy bear and my gains were slow as I was too focused in dropping body fat. I was too focused on going low carb and my strength process has gotten slow which wasn’t ideal as one of my other goals was in strength)
Maintain a balance of nutrients in your diet, EAT DEM FATS AND CARBS to support hormonal functioning and training performance.

Some days, fasting could be effortless. And on some, you may feel hungry first thing in the morning. (That’s okay!) Learn how to fit this into your schedule and still hit your calorie deficit if that means having a small snack in the morning.

Have tea, coffee and sparkling water to help suppress your appetite. Gradually, it will be part of your regime, same with your fitness, it takes time to adapt.

BOTTOM LINE: Intermittent Fasting is not for everyone, listen to your body and do whatever that makes you happy!

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