Ztore.com – Online Grocery Shopping Experience | Plant-based Milk Review

As a person who does everyone online when possible, shopping online is so much more convenient, from clothes to gadgets and shoes and even food! For me, I just find it easier to look for things I need, thanks to the search bar on the sites.


I stumbled upon ztore.com in September 2016 when I was looking for milk from the UK. The only brand which I found in Hong Kong was Daoini and at the time, only Jason’s Market Place stocked it and it wasn’t available anywhere else. As a frequent milk drinking who drinks milk everyday, popping into the store for a few cartons and carrying them home was tiresome and also a bit time consuming. (If you know me, I’m the person who would pack my day fully and not let any second go to waste)

*Daioni – Organic Cows Milk (Semi-skimmed milk from Britain)
Nutrition per 100ml: 46kcal, C 4.6g, F 1.6g, P 3.4g, 124mg Calcium


What is Ztore?


Ztore.com is the FIRST online grocery specialist in Hong Kong providing same-day delivery to your door-steps. Ztore means 士多 in Chinese (“Shi-duo”), your corner shop.

The word “Shi-duo” is borrowed from the English “Store”. Traditional “Shi-duo” is tiny and simple, yet with broad product variety and strong local attachment. In the past, “Shi-duo” provided customer services such as pre-ordering, delivery and sale-on-credit. Human-natured kindness and helpfulness are the most valuable assets of “Shi-duo”, which cannot be easily experienced in giant supermarkets nowadays.


Unfortunately, the scale of “Shi-duo” is shrinking due to multiple factors in today’s society. Ztore’s mission is to preserve and carry forward the similar kind of intimate services through modern technology. Through crossing over with “Traditional Tastes” and “Online Shopping”, not only do they offer more product choices, they also give you a more cost and time efficient online shopping platform, with a better quality delivery service.


My First Order Experience from Ztore

first ztore order experience

When I found out that Ztore stock Rude Health products and healthy snacks, I was over the moon as I haven’t had them in my pantry in a while since moving back to Hong Kong. In general, the site is super easy to use, it is in both Chinese and English, aesthetically pleasing, has image and description of the product.

I was a bit skeptical with my first order with 12L of milk and a bunch of healthy foods as where I live has no lifts and I wasn’t sure if the driver would hike up 3 flights of stairs for it. But I was rest assured, the night before my delivery, I got a lovely call from a lady to confirm my order and also on the day saying what time frame they would deliver. When the driver came, he didn’t ask us to go down to pick up the deliver and brought it up to the door! He didn’t say that those stairs were a problem and was super friendly!


Deliver A Better Living

I had a time where I had two orders (let’s call it A & B). A was a box of goodies from Ztore for me to try and it was to arrive on a Tuesday morning. On Monday night, I realised the house was out of milk so I went online, ordered my Daoini (order B) thinking it would arrive later that week. To my surprised, I had the option to pick a Tuesday afternoon delivery time.

Knowing I would have two separate deliveries from Ztore on the same day but different time, I quickly message them asking whether if they have delivery everything in one go instead of having their drivers running around. They promptly replied saying they would try as they need to found out from the logistics crew and get back to me. Next morning, they apologised saying that the logistic arrangement had been sent to drivers in advanced and they have already picked up order A for the morning and wasn’t able to combine the deliveries.

I wasn’t fuss as it was a late request but to my surprise, the driver called later in the morning saying that he could delivery everything in one go in the afternoon as he noticed that my address had repeated twice on his list.


Fast forward to NOW

What I love about Ztore is their brand value that blends the Traditional Values with cutting edge technology and has an open-minded culture.  They ramped up the corner shop and changed it into an online e-commerce platform and selling quality groceries and home essentials with same day delivery! They have a range of vintage snacks, local bakery goods and goods from social enterprises and charities with over 1000+ goods from Hong Kong brands!

It has been almost 6 months since I’ve been using Ztore, they have expanded and have more products from different brands – both local, international and products run by charities. Even though they have expanded, the quality of their service is still consistent and didn’t drop. I still receive a lovely call the night before or on the day before my delivery. The driver would give me a call to give me a heads up that my delivery would be coming over. They are also very responsive on Facebook Messenger, it felt like I was talking to someone who understands. They really put their customers first.


Plant-based Milk Review

Ztore invited me to be a “Ztore Taster” for five different kinds of plant-based milks. I’m no vegan nor am I lactose intolerant but I have had my fair share of drinking plant-based milks. I have had the usual almond milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk…. have had it fresh, the long life ones you can get from supermarkets and I’ve made my own too! (Creamy Almond Mylk Recipe and 5 Min Cacao Nut Mylk Recipe)

plant based milk

In some of these milks, not all of them are just water, rice and nuts. Some of them have seaweed, thickeners and stabilisers. Always read the nutrition label if these things bother you!

plant based milk

Bio Rice Drink by The Bridge
Origin: Italy
A completely vegetable drink, issued from organically grown Italian rice, of pleasant taste and excellent digestibility. Naturally sweet without added sugar. The addition of seaweed (lithothamnion calcareum) enriches the product in minerals, particularly in calcium, essential for the bone structure, magnesium, essential for the absorption of calcium and other important minerals.
Nutrition per 100ml: 59kcal, C 12g (6.6g sugar), F 1.2g, P 0.1g, Calcium 120mg

Organic Quinoa Rice Drink by Quinua Real
Exquisite and delicate. Made with Bolivian Royal Quinoa and Italian rice and it’s gluten free with no added sugar.
Nutrion per 100ml: 63kcal, C 12.4g (5.2g sugar), F 1.2g, P 0.6g

Organic Hazelnut Drink by Rude Health
Origin: United Kingdom
Rich, sweet flavours coming from roasted Italian tondo gentile organic hazelnuts. Dairy-free. Silky texture comes from a little that they blend into the mountain spring water. It’s as close as you can get to perfect hazelnuts in liquid form.
Nutrition per 100ml: 69kcal, C 13.9g (4.1g sugar), F 1.3g, P 0.4g

Almond Breeze Unsweetened by Blue Diamond
Origin: United States
The unsweetened version of Almond Breeze Original with a touch of almond’s natural sweetness without the added sugar.
Nutrition per 100ml: 12kcal, C 0.5g, F 1g, P 0.4g, 188mg Calcium

Organic Chocolate Almond Milk by Bjorg
Origin: Italy
With pure cocoa butter chocolate, calcium from plant sources and low in saturated fatty acids.
Nutrition per 100ml: 59kcal, C 8.3g (7.7g sugar), F 2.3g, P 0.9g, 120mg Calcium


Taste Test


Hazelnut Drink – Nice thick consistency, slightly thicker than semi-skimmed milk, very nutty and creamy. Has a beautiful hazelnut flavour to it, if you like Nutella, this is definitely for you! It is a good alternative to chocolate milk without the added sugar. It has a malty oat colour as you would expect from nuts. 

almond breeze milk

Almond Breeze – The consistency is very much like milk, has that creamy texture. It can get quite thin if you didn’t shake the tetra pack well. It is not very nutty and is very light to drink and not sweet either.


Quinoa Rice Drink – Although the ratio of rice and quinoa used in this milk is the same, the quinoa flavour is definitely stronger. I don’t think everyone will like this as the taste is very distinctive. It taste exactly like eating quinoa with a hint of sweetness coming from the rice. The consistency is thicker than milk and it has a very bold flavour.

rice milk bio organic

Rice Drink – Sweet and delicious, very refreshing. The consistency is slightly thicker than like semi-skimmed milk. Although it’s sweet, it’s still very light to drink and it is not as sweet as the Quinoa Rice Drink.

almond chocolate milk

Almond Chocolate Milk – Thick creamy chocolate consistently, I find it quite sweet for me but it is as good as normal chocolate milk. 

Out of the five, my favourite is the Hazelnut Drink by Rude Health as it is a perfect top me up drink when you crave for chocolates as it taste like Nutella/ Ferrero Rocher. My second would be the Rice Drink by The Bridge as it is light in flavour but has that creamy texture.

I also asked two of my family members to try without telling them what it is and they liked the Hazelnut drink and Quinoa Rice drink. My dad thinks these two are will be liked by children as they are sweet. They found the unsweetened Almond Breeze very light and don’t have much flavour to it.

Try making your own nut milks too! It’s super easy – Creamy Almond Mylk Recipe and 5 Min Cacao Nut Mylk Recipe !

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