What Women Need To Know To Prevent Sport Injuries


While implementing regular physical activity into your daily routine is indeed healthy, some more intensive workouts can cause some severe injuries, if not practiced correctly. Some of the most common sports injuries that occur to women are definitely knee injuries like runner’s knees, sprained ankles and concussion. According to certain studies, women are also eight times more likely than men to tear their anterior cruciate ligament, or more commonly known as ACL. In order to avoid these injuries from happening, these are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Train Wisely


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Yes, exercising is important but how you exercise is even more important. The goal of every training is to get the most of it and while conducting certain exercises wrongly, not only are you not benefiting from the workout, but you are also risking a serious injury. What you should do is consult with a professional trainer or a sports medical professional to guide you through a proper and individualized training program. The crucial components of a proper training that should be addressed are stability, proprioceptive training, strength-training and functional training.

2. Pay attention to SportsWear


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You simply cannot put a price on health. Investing in quality sports wear could save you a lot of trouble. I personally use and recommend Ryder gym clothes as it is top quality and made for sports enthusiasts and it is actually quite cute and hip. But the most important thing that you should look for when choosing good sportswear is that it provides good support and comfort in every body part. I always wear crop tops and tights which are made from special fabrics that control my body temperature, absorb sweat and are insanely comfortable. Another good reason for women to invest in quality equipment is chest support which makes it that much easier to exercise without experiencing any pain.

  1. Practice Dynamic Warm-ups

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Before you rush into an intensive workout, you should always remember to warm-up before. It is important to be aware that a warm-up is an essential part of every workout regime. It is designed to increase your circulation, your body temperature and to get your heart pumping. It also helps you warm up your muscles and loosen your joints and prepares them for the more intensive movements. At least 20 minutes of dynamic warm-ups like hopping back and forth on one leg, running zigzag or even running backwards is enough to prepare your body for the following training and prevent possible injuries.

4. Work on Dexterity


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You probably know that the people who work on their dexterity are mostly musicians, dentists, surgeons and others who need to improve their motor skills in their hands. But is has been proven that women who work on their dexterity can avoid possible injuries, as they teach their muscles to react more quickly. This is an important aspect of exercising and could be a great way to improve your fitness game without risking any serious injuries.

It has been proven that women are actually more prone to certain sports injuries than men. It is simply because women and men are built differently and the body composition, form and alignment in women make it that much easier to sustain knee injuries and ACL. Keeping this in mind, it is really crucial for women to be aware of all these risks that regular physical activity carries with it and to inform themselves as much as they can about all the important things concerning this issue. What is also very important is to listen to your body and not push yourself above the limit. It is never smart to test your boundaries and play with your health.

About the author


Amy Mia Goldsmith is a personal trainer and editor at ripped.me fitness blog. She has a degree in nutrition and her goal is to teach people to live a healthy, happy life.

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