Your One-Stop Winter Wellness Solution – Steens Manuka Honey

With the chilly weather and darker days, I get easy affected by the weather especially when there is no sun! Don’t you find that it is very easy to feel tired, run-down or more susceptible to the common winter cold?Do you have any remedies to feel more energised first thing in the morning?

Steens Manuka Honey

I have a little secret for you, I have been using Steens Manuka Honey for a week now, and I can already feel the difference. I take a spoonful of honey drizzling onto my porridge or granola, or swirl it into warm water to keep my energy levels sustained from day to night.

Steens Manuka HoneySteens Manuka Honey

Steens Manuka Honey

Raw Manuka honey is known for its immune boosting properties, as well as digestive health benefits. Steens honey is Raw and Cold pressed to ensure all of its nutritional benefits including amino acids and enzymes are not ‘burnt out’. With high antibacterial levels, it’s great to stir into tea or water to help the body recover naturally from winter colds or as a daily boost to prevent any winter bugs taking hold. It also soothes sore throats due  its antibacterial qualities or as a natural alternative to cough medicine. If you have bloating or digestive issues, it helps soothes any tummy upsets.

Steens have a unique extraction and filtering process to retain high levels of one of nature’s superfoods – Bee bread. Bee bread is the food the worker bees use to make Royal Jelly and it is widely recongise as a nourishing and complete, natural food! Therefore making a great energy booster over the wintry months.

You can also track where your pot came from to the specific region it was harvested from using the serial number of your pot! Steens is the only brand to have implemented an innovactive tracking technology to keep track of their hive activity 24/7! My pot came from Dannevirke, a rural service town in the Manawatu-Wanganui area of New Zealand Dannevirke is located on terraces in the upper valley of the Manawatu River.

Steens Raw 10+ Manuka Honey is rich and creamy and the flavour is quite subtle. I usually swirl it in a glass of warm water for a quick boost in the morning.

Steens Manuka Honey

Why not try this Immune Boosting Beauty Smoothie for an energy boost while providing your skin-healthy oils, vitamin E for an extra complexion boost?


Honey Layer
1 large banana, frozen
300ml Almond Milk
2 teaspoons of Steens 10+ Raw Manuka honey

Rose Layer
A handful of frozen blueberries
1 Tbsp Hemp seeds
1 tsp Acai powder
4g Rose petals (4%)
150ml Almond Milk


1. Start by making the honey layer by placing your banana, almond milk, coconut oil, 2 teaspoon of honey into a blender, blitz until completely smooth then pour into a jug.

2. Next place the frozen blueberries, hemp seeds, acai powder, rose petals and almond milk into the blender Blend until you have a smooth thick mix.

3. Assemble your smoothie, but spoon/pour the berry mix into the bottom of a glass and then pour the creamy white honey mix into the same glass. Enjoy!

Steens Manuka HoneySteens Manuka Honey

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