Pearl Drops | Whitening Toothpaste


I have always had an obsession with maintaining pearly white teeth. For years I have used Colgate’s advanced whitening toothpaste, which has served me well. But a few months ago I was shopping in Boots and came across this goody that I use to use religiously when I was in my early teens and I remembered loving it because it worked so well. The product I will be reviewing today is the Pearl Drops Instant White Plus 4D toothpaste.


The toothpaste is pinkish/red in colour, which might come across as being quite bizarre for people who are use to having white toothpaste! But in my opinion, this toothpaste works really well and does exactly what it says on the packaging. I have used products from this brand when I was 12-13 years old in Hong Kong but the product was discontinued so I stopped using it. You can imagine my excitement when I saw this again in boots!

After brushing my teeth once or twice I already noticed the difference in whiteness. I noticed a bit of a shiny, iridescent glow on my teeth.

Of course being a non-smoker and irregular coffee / tea drinker has worked in my favour and has helped prevent staining on my teeth. But even if you do smoke and drinks lots of caffeine I think this toothpaste will be a good investment! Tried and tested – I would definitely recommend this toothpaste to you guys. Its inexpensive, £4.99 (though I did get it for even cheaper as it was on offer at the time) and most importantly works wonders!

Hope this was useful!

Lots of Love,


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