Exercises for Toning Up and Building Muscle

With the cold coming upon us, it doesn’t mean you should stop hitting the gym and snuggle back into bed. Working out and staying fit is a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix for your summer body. Here are a few moves for toning/strengthening your back, thighs, arms and tummy.


When I say toning – it means building muscle. The word “tone” is a term used in women’s fitness magazines, as an alternative to the term “building muscle”. There is no difference in these terms, but the fitness industry and media use these phrases to trick women by making them think they don’t have to worry about building bulky muscles. But girls – remember this, you don’t bulk up and become super muscular just by lifting a few kgs, due to the fact that the amount of testosterone we have in our bodies are so much less than compared to men.

Training Your Back
Whatever you are doing in your daily life, requires the use of your back muscles (latissimus dorsi). Therefore, it is important that you exercise/train your back muscles and keep them strong. Especially for all you people sitting in front of the computer or looking down at your smartphones reading this and not sitting straight (SIT UP!).

Your back consists of the biggest muscles in your upper body, so if you are someone looking to gain muscle mass then you should not overlook back training as you will add on a ton of muscle, as well as increase your overall strength.

TIP: To strengthen your back, do three sets of 6 – 8 reps of four or five exercises.

What I eat?
In order to loose the layer of fat covering your muscles, you have to put yourself on a strict clean diet, by eating lean protein, vegetables and fruits, whole grains and so forth…… but hey, I’m not going to give up my green tea sandwich ice-cream and take out my passion for eating. I still eat EVERYTHING but I do try and avoid carbs and sugars after 6pm as simple sugars causes a spike in insulin in the blood stream, encouraging conversion of sugar to fat and ultimately fat storage. I tend to eat all my favourite sweet things during the day and avoid eating them at night. I also eat every 2-3 hours with a meal or snack to keep my metabolism and myself happy :).

My post-workout meal consists of a high protein (27g/per 30ml serving), low fat (0.4g) and low sugar (0.9g) shake that tastes like mint chocolate brownie in order to help maximize muscle strengthening, building and recovery.


Exercise Moves

1. Core & Arms

a) Push-Up & Knees In on Bosu Ball

b) Push Up & Knees Out on Bosu Ball (Targets your Obliques)


c) Push Up on Bosu Ball


2. Back

a) Lat Pull Down


TIP: Make sure your shoulders are relaxed .


b) Pull Up


3) Abs

a) Leg Raises (works your lower core for that 8 pack!!)


b) Abs Roll Out


4) Low Pulley Row (Works your back, arms, legs, core)


My workout

10-15 minutes – warm up

1 hour – intense strength training/ interval training

45 minutes – cardio (Walking on the Treadmill: incline 9, speed 5)

15 minutes – cool down and stretch out


I hope this was useful and inspires you to include exercise as part of your lifestyle and daily routine! Remember muscles help torch more calories and ultimately fat. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn, even when you are sitting down.

Lots of Love,

Tweedle T

One thought on “Exercises for Toning Up and Building Muscle

  1. I think toning is a really important thing that people often forget about. They are all about strength and getting big. I think toning is just as important. You want to look cut and not just look big.

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