Most Common Hair Mistakes While Exercising

Today, we have a lovely guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith! She is sharing her tips on hair styling white getting your sweat on!

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When you hit the gym, hairstyle is probably the last thing on your mind, right? With heavy workout routines and even heavier sweating in the mix, you at best want your hair neat and out of your way. Stop right there! Although exercises may be doing your body a whole lot of good, inadequate pre-gym hairdo prep may be killing your hair volume and follicles. To help you stay safe hair-wise during and after a tough workout, we have the top five mistakes most people make while pursuing an active lifestyle – so check the list below and do away with your bad hair habits.

1. Your ponytail is too tight

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Even though a ponytail may be the easiest hairstyle when it comes to gym-time, pulling hair too tight wreaks havoc on your follicles and leads to breakage. For minimal hair damage, lose the rubber band and make a loose ponytail using snag-safe elastics (fasten stray strands with bobby pins or hairclips if necessary). You could drop the pony altogether and go with a single braid – braids are perfectly suited for workout routines as they keep your hair in one place, and out of your face too.

2. Shampooing after every single workout

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Of course you need to shower after a gym session – but this does not mean that you should wash your hair every time you work up a sweat. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that drain natural oils from your hair and scalp and lead to brittle, dry strands and dandruff when used daily. Instead of rinsing your hair after every workout, use a dry shampoo like Batiste: it will give your hair a little extra texture and volume to soak up sweat, excess oil, and all other impurities you do not want anywhere near your head.


3. Picking the wrong haircut for your active lifestyle


Hair is porous by nature, ends being most susceptible to dirt and pollution. If not maintained adequately, hair can go frizzy, stressed, or frayed. If the gym is an integral part of your daily life, you may want to trim your mane a bit to keep it looking healthy and strong. The best haircut for avid gym-goers includes hair lengths that reach down to the collar-bone: in addition to helping you stay on top of your strands during the workout, this is also the most rewarding hair length in terms of maintenance – and it looks great on most face shapes, too.

4. You’re brush-abusing your hair

During the workout, your hair will probably get tangled – but do think twice before you grab the brush and start yanking away at the ends. Tugging at your strands too hard may lead to hair breakage and frizzy ends, which will completely ruin your beautiful hairdo. Instead of brush-abusing your locks, use Mason Pearson hair products designed to de-knot your hair without damaging it: after all, it is better to go gentle with your tresses than to go around looking as though a wild hair-loving beast went rabid on your head while you were sleeping.

5. Don’t forget the intake of important vitamins for your hair

Another important aspect of hair care, proper nourishment for the scalp and follicles, is a must for any lady or gent fond of their tresses. Critical nourishment that your hair needs to stay healthy and beautiful includes vitamins A, B, and E (these are also important for the state of your skin and nails), so it would be a good idea to enrich your diet with food high in these nutrients. For a No-No to bad hair days, say yes please to green peas, lentils, brown rice, oats, carrots, spinach, nuts, leafy greens, soybeans, peaches, wholegrain bread, citrus fruit, healthy protein shake recipes and cod liver oil.

Are you ready for the gym? Check your hair in the mirror before you go out and make sure it is neat and attractive – because a strong, sexy body simply does not go with hair that is anything less than that.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian literature and biology graduate with a passion for organic cosmetics healthy lifestyle.

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