Microsoft Mobile #LumiaFitnessInspiration

Microsoft Mobile have recently contacted me about a fitness inspiration challenge and it really got me thinking about what motivates me in health and fitness.

Even though I follow a bunch of fitness and work out motivation and advices on Instagram, my motivation  to a healthy lifestyle is actually food and also my reason to get out of bed! Surprised much? Eating healthy and eating mindfully is huge inspiration for me and gives me energy and motivation to reach my fitness goals. Eating healthy is not a diet but a lifestyle. Some days I would have salads, eat clean, count my macros and go to the gym, but some days I just go for juicy burgers and chocolate brownies. It’s all about keeping a balance in life and making sure your body does not feel deprived. If you feel like having a cookie, go for it; avoiding it may cause you to binge later. After that, move on instead of feeling guilty because your body will know and creates negative energy which could stop you from reaching your goal.

When planning my meals and thinking ahead, it makes me work harder at the gym knowing that there are wholesome foods to replenish and reward my body and myself. Eating well is a also a form of self respect and your body will thank you for it! I have had issues with body issues and been on fad diets and it has only been these recent years I have learnt how to love myself more and nourish my body with wholesome foods in order to reach my fitness goal.

Sweet Potato and Kale are my comfort foods. Not only they are foods that motivates me to work harder and look forward to eat, they also packed with health benefits and nutrients in nourishing your body. Sweet potatoes and Kale are an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, B2, B6, potassium, dietary fibre, niacin, and phosphorus. Kale is also one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet!

Sweet potato kale chips

Chips don’t have to be starchy oil soaked nasties, they can be healthy and nutritious. Here are my kind-of-chips. It has White Flesh Sweet Potatoes, Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes and Kale Chips! They are all tossed in Vita Coco Coconut Oil and oven baked. The coconut oil goes really well with sweet potatoes and kale and you wouldn’t need any additional sauces or dips. Keeping it healthy, simple and happy for the tummy! It make a great post work out meal and perfect for snacking too.

There is a quote I live by – “You’re a perishable item. Live accordingly.” – We are always so busy with our lives, we forget how important our bodies are. Your body is the only place you have to live in and we need to take care of it. You are what you eat, your body helps maintain your health, gives you energy to reach your fitness goals and excel in the sports you do. Choosing to eat for health is an entirely different practice than eating to sculpt your body. Health isn’t just about what you eat, or what you look like, it’s about how you feel and your whole lifestyle. Many people would benefit from making changes to their diet and exercise habits. However, small changes focused on healthy behaviours are the key. Health and a ‘ripped’ physique are two entirely separate issues and the size at which a body is healthy varies from person to person. Have your own goal and be realistic!

What motivates you?

tweedle t

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