ChaTale – An Artisan Gourmet Tea Subscription Box

You probably know by now I am a Tea Fanatic, tea has been a staple drink for me since I was young and tea always make things better, especially beautiful tea blends.

Founded by two tea lovers, Chantelle and Ponk are tea lovers, ChaTale is a Tea Box Subscription service that sources the most interesting and delicious high quality gourmet teas around the world and delivers them straight to your door. Each month they will send you a selection of new years to try, from Green Teas to Milky Oolongs, they have over 1000 different fine teas and they are constantly sourcing new varieties and making their own blends to ensure that each month you will be trying something exciting.

Chantelle originally comes from China, which is a country that produces extensive range of best quality teas. Moreover, she has learned about traditional tea art inspired by her tea artist aunt since she was young. Ponk as a health conscious person always drinks high quality teas, regarding to their health benefits. They work with reknown tea artists, source their teas from the best tea farms around the world, picking only the best products in each farm. Unlike your typical tea bags, their leaves have not been over processed which means they retain all their flavour and nutritional! ChaTale’s ingredients are fresh, healthy and natural and it will be the best tea you’ve ever brewed.

chatale tea detox

I opted in to try their Detox Box, which has a Detox Tea, Slimming Tea and a Apple Blossom Flower Tea. I have brewed all these teas in hot water and enjoyed it warm and cold.

chatale tea detox

chatale tea 24

The Detox Tea is a blend of goji berries, chrysanthemum, cassia seed and rock candy. It has a nice subtle scent coming from the goji. It is sweet but not overly powering and this is one of the best detox teas I have ever tasted! Not to mention, goji berries have a lot of benefits for women and help replenish your blood after your menstruation cycle.

chatale tea 17


The Slimming Tea is a blend of chrysanthemum, corn silk, dried orange peel, smoked plum. This is a light fruity floral tea with a zing from the orange peels. This is perfect for those times when you have eaten too much and need something to refresh your palette.

chatale tea 20

The Apple Blossom Tea is made from Dried premium Apple blossom flower. It is simple but has a lot of benefits! It aids digestion removing excess fat and cures acne. How amazing is this? A tea for both your body and skin! It taste of sweet fresh apples with a long-lingering aftertaste.

*NOTE: there are many teatox companies around and some definitely causes more damage to your insides then you know due to the ingredient Senna Leaves that gives you upset tummies. Make sure you know what you’re drinking! Not all detox teas are good detoxes.

chatale tea detox

Hope all of you lovelies are keeping yourself warm and are boosting your immune systems with teas and superfoods!

Lots of Love,

tweedle t

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