SUP Yoga | Malta


Recently ‘Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga’ has become a really popular activity in the summer season and I can see why! Back in July I had my first SUP Yoga session in Malta and it was an amazing experience. I am pretty much a beginner for both paddle boarding and yoga, with the two sports combined, it proved to be both fun and challenging. I have done yoga for a year previously, but am still pretty inflexible, so I couldn’t complete all the poses on the board without falling off!

IMG_8901 IMG_8896
IMG_8883 IMG_8876 IMG_8806 IMG_8800 IMG_8774 IMG_8844

Our teacher was really friendly and we had her all to ourselves which was really good. I think both experienced yogis and beginners will find this a challenging and fun sport to participate in.

Not only do you get to be under the sun for an hour but you’re also exercising! It is quite intense and you will be sweating lots, so be sure you’re well rested and hydrated!

For those of you that are interested in taking a class if you are in St Julians, Malta, I would highly recommend this place listed below.

Corinthia Beach Resort,
St George’s Bay, St Julians.
SUP Yoga: (+356) 9968 4611
Facebook: NamAiste Yoga

If you have any questions about my first SUP Yoga experience, please leave a comment below!


Lots of Love,


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