TWIG Teas – A New Cold Brew

There is nothing tea and food can’t fix! We’ve all heard of Cold Brew Coffee and the benefits it has, but did you know TEA can be COLD BREWED as well? I was very lucky to meet up with Iona Carter, the creator of TWIG, a tea purist and yoga teacher who loves cycling, walking in the country side.

twig tea cold brew

TWIG is not your average cuppa, they are beautifully crafted cold brewed loose leaf teas with a natural delight. The teas are hand-made in Wapping and brewed in filtered water, and then delivered by cargo bicycle around the city with 10% of profits go to charity. The design and packaging are also beautiful and on point reflecting the brand’s core values of simplicity and also aesthetically pleasing!

twig tea cold brew

Iona’s journey began when she had she first cold brew in Japan and she has since started her passion in cold brewing tea. After months of experimenting with different quality tea leaves, she has finally create her four cold brews: Darjeeling from India, Keemun from China, Oolong from Taiwan and Bocha (also known as Twig tea) from Japan.

Cold brew tea is very different to iced teas. The loose leaf teas are steeped over a long period of time in cold water in order to draw out the different flavours from the leaves and each tea takes a different amount of time in order to create a light and refreshing drink! Compared to hot brewing, the taste of tea is less bitter and low in caffeine, producing a sweeter, smoother and cleaner taste. No other ingredients are added either (you won’t find any fruit or floral flavours or herbs and spices), and of course, no sugar (including unrefined). TWIG is just pure and simple loose leaf cold brews packaged in glass bottles that is naturally healthy and an alternative in drinking water.

twig tea cold brew 9

(from left)

Bocha – A nice smoky flavours where you can really taste the leaves

Keemun – It is just as good as a hot brew, it also has a sweeter and cleaner taste and you still get that nice Keemun flavour

Oolong – The taste is not very strong, I find this has the lightest taste compared to the other ones

Darjeeling – It taste much sweeter compared to having it hot brew and I find this the sweetest out of the four. When I say sweet, I don’t mean sweet like eating milk chocolate or sugary things. It is the natural sweetness coming from the teas

twig tea cold brew 10

I think my favourite is the Bocha and Keemun as I like the the taste of stronger tea. All the teas are very light to drink, refreshing and taste very natural! If you are  a tea fanatic like me, I highly recommend you to try them, it gives tea another perspective.

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