5 Days in Malta | Day 4 (Blue Lagoon)

On our fourth day in Malta, we joined a day cruise and visited the famous Blue Lagoon. It was another beautiful blue sky kind of day which was perfect for the occasion. We spent the day soaking up the sun and snorkelling in the crystal blue waters.


IMG_8661 IMG_8668

IMG_8672 IMG_8685

We arrived at the drop off point at the blue lagoon. The water was so clear and it was absolutely stunning!

IMG_8687 IMG_8692

We found a spot on the rocks to settle down, and near our spot there were lots of people jumping off the rocks into the sea!


The Blue Lagoon was very busy and I guess you can understand why! It is beautiful!


We bought an old school underwater polaroid camera to take some pictures and most of them didn’t turn out too well, but this one was a winner!

We returned to our hotel at around 6pm and were pretty exhausted from a day out in the sun. We decided to go to dinner at a restaurant called Wiggi’s Kitchen which is right next door to our hotel (St Julian’s Bay Hotel). The restaurant is ranked No.1 on trip advisor! I would recommend you to make a reservation in advance because they are very popular and get very busy in the evening.


For our starters we had this exquisite rabbit dish.


We also had foie gras for starters.


For our mains we had this delicious medium rare beef, which was amazingly good. The meat was really tender and juicy. Though we couldn’t finish it between the two of us!

IMG_8715 IMG_8719

For pudding we  were a bit greedy and ended up ordering three things! We had the creme brule, lemon sorbet and cheesecake!

IMG_8720 IMG_8721 IMG_8722 IMG_8763

After dinner we decided to go for a chilled shisha/drinks session at a place called Play De Sol, where we also spent some time writing our postcards.


It was a really chilled space down by the bay area, where we had an evening sea view. It was really chilled and relaxing!

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Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xxx

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