5 days in Malta | DAY 1 & 2

Malta has always been on my bucket list of places to visit because of its crystal clear waters and fascinating historic sights.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit this beautiful island for five days in the beginning of July 2015. In this blog post, I would like to share with you some of the highlights of my trip and it may be useful for those of you who plan to visit Malta in the near future!

I visited Malta with a good friend of mine and we flew from London Heathrow to Malta International Airport. We stayed at St. Julian’s Bay Hotel for the duration of our trip. It was a very basic 3* hotel and was very reasonably priced. Nothing fancy at all, but was within our budget as students. It is located in a prime location, just 2.7 miles to the city centre.

3rd July 2015


We had quite a late start on our first day in Malta, as we arrived at our hotel really late the night before. We stopped at Cafe Cuba in St Julians for lunch where we had a beautiful view of the sea.


Between the two of us, we ordered two fresh green juices, a spaghetti calamari, a grilled beef salad and a Cuba sandwich. It came to around 20 Euros per person. The food was pretty good and the cafe was extremely busy at lunch time.


After lunch, we spotted Yogurtmania, and decided to have some fro-yos to cool us down from the heat. The person who worked here was extremely friendly and kind!


After lunch, we decided to venture on to the Golden Bay Beach, which is also known as the ‘soft sand beach’. We took a local bus (No. 225) from the nearest bus stop from St. Julians Bay hotel.


Golden Bay Beach – it was lush!


We found these amazing Oreo ice creams in a corner store near the beach. I’ve never seen these anywhere else before so I was really excited. Safe to say it was delicious!

IMG_8236 IMG_8244

We took the bus back to St Julians and decided to have dinner at a restaurant called Gululu in Spinola bay. Reservations are definitely recommended in the evenings as the place was completely packed! We saw this place being advertised in the magazines during our plane journey but also had a good review in Trip Advisor! For starters, we had fish soup, also called “Aljotta”, which was really fresh and tasty.


Apparently in July, it is the prime season to have tuna! This was soooo good!

IMG_8249 IMG_8260

For our mains, we each had a Neapolitan Pizza which was equally as tasty.


Turns out it was Malta’s music week (Isle of MTV) during 3-7 July 2015, but we only found out when we got there! We decided to hit this club called “Gianpula” which featured Dragonette that evening. We got there at around 1.30am and the place was packed! The entry ticket was 6 Euros, which was extremely reasonable! We were able to get our tickets at the door. But for all the other events / parties for the following evenings were completely sold out, which was unfortunate. The vibe of the club was amazing and was quite big too. There were two main dance floors where people could dance and the music was pretty good too. Overall, a fantastic night out!!!


On our second day, we just spent the entire day by the pool opposite to our hotel, catching some rays. And in the evening, we decided to go to a resturaunt called Electro Lobster Project, which obviously specialised in lobster dishes! This was one of my favourite meals during my time in Malta and I’d highly recommend you to go! They have a large selection of interesting cocktails too!


A delicious seafood salad for starters.


Swordfish carpaccio for starters.


Beef carpaccio for starters.

IMG_8346 IMG_8347

Lobster Linguine for mains! ABSOLUTLEY DIVINE.


I forgot the exact name for this pudding. But it was also really yummy.


After dinner we discovered a really cool drinks/ shisha spot near the sea.


And to end the night we checked out St Julian’s main party scene. The biggest nightclub in the area is Havana, which was bustling with people. But it wasn’t really my kind of thing, as it was way too packed and filled with underage kids! The place was kind of trashy and it actually felt a bit dangerous.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for days 3, 4 and 5 of my time in Malta, which will be posted later this week!

Have you been to Malta? Or have visited any of the places mentioned above? Leave a comment below and I’d love to hear about it!

Lots of Love,


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