Homemade Creamy Almond Mylk

This rainy weather makes me want to stay in bed with a cup of warm chocolate mylk and apple crumble. How have you been dealing with this weather?

Forget about buying your almond milks in super markets, there is only 2% of it that are almonds and the rest if water! Today I am going to share with you a super creamy almond mylk recipe that contains 40% almonds in every 500ml! If you would like a thinner consistency, you can use 100g of almonds and it is still 20% almonds and it is still super creamy! The texture is as thick as normal dairy milk!

creamy almond mylk
creamy almond mylk

200g Almonds, soaked
4 Pitted Dates (optional. it would make it sweeter)
500ml Filtered Water
1-2 tsp vanilla paste
1/2 tsp cinnamon

*For Cacao Mylk
1-2 tbsp raw cacao powder

What you will need
Nut bag or a clean pair of tights or a fine sieve
1L Measuring Jug
Your Blender

1. Soak your almonds over night for at least 24 hours, the longer you soak them, the creamier your mylk will be. After soaking them, pour the soaked water out and give your almonds a rinse. You can see how much the almond has gotten and when you pinch it, it should feel slightly squishy.
creamy almond mylk

2. Put your soaked almonds, filtered water, dates (if using) and cinnamon powder in your blender.
creamy almond mylk

3. Allow the mixture to blend for a 3-5 minutes
creamy almond mylk

4. Pour the mixture into your nut bag over measuring jug, if you don’t have one, you can use a clean pair of tights or a fine sieve. I used a clean ankle high tights..it was 15 denier and it worked very well. I have also tried pouring it through a fine sieve but it was more gritty and not as smooth
creamy almond mylk

5. Now you need patience and squeeze all the liquid out from your nut bag or tight, you may also want to hang your bag or tie it on a handle, so you can use both of your hands to squeeze everything out
creamy almond mylk

6. Once you have squeezed everything out, add in your vanilla paste to your liquid and mix. Sweeten to your taste.
*If you want to make it into a cacao mylk, rinse out your blender and pour your liquid back in, add in your raw cacao powder and blend for a minute and filter it through again

7.  Pour your content into a glass bottle and let it chill in your fridge

creamy almond mylk

Please consume your mylk within 5 days

creamy almond mylk

Leftover Almond Pulp
If you want to store your almond pulp, place a paper towel inside an airtight container and pour your pulp in to the container and place it in the fridge over night.
Add them to your smoothie for an extra protein boost
Add to your porridge
Instead of using flour, swap half of it out with almond pulp for your cakes, muffins, cookies and pancakes

I have used them in my Raw Matcha Raweo!

raw matcha raweoraw matcha raweo

What are you up to this bank holiday weekend?


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