Summer Delight: Raw Mango and Raspberry Ice Cream (GF, DF, VE)

Summer’s almost over and you haven’t even eaten an ice cream yet? Here is a super simple fix and you only need three ingredients and they are all fruits! It is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans too!

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

As you have noticed by now, I have used different bases for the making these clean sweet delights – Yoghurt from the Strawberry Ice Cream, Yoghurt and Milk in the Avocado Ice Cream and Avocado in the Blueberry Ice Cream. And this time, the base is bananas… making it an all fruit and fruit only ice cream!

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

Ingredients (fills 900ml ice cream tub)
2 frozen chopped Banana
125g frozen Raspberries
400g frozen mango (roughly one large and one small mango)

1. The first thing you need to do is prep your fruits – wash your raspberries and chop up your banana and mango. Then layer some kitchen towels so your raspberries can dry out a bit before we freeze them. Then place the raspberries, banana and mango in a zip-lock or freezer bag and let it chill in your freezer overnight.

2. Once your fruits are frozen! Blend your mango, banana in the blender or food processor, until desired consistency. You may need to stop the blender or food processor several times to stir. After 5 minutes, the magic happens and you get a creamy ice cream.

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

3. While it is blending, chop up your frozen raspberries

4. Throw in your raspberries and pulse it for 2 – 3 times

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

5. Scoop your mango mixture into a container and add in more raspberries

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

6. You can either dig in right away or chill it in the freezer until it becomes more firm

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream 1Mango Raspberry Ice Cream 13


*If the ice cream becomes too hard after freezing, let it sit for 5 minutes before digging in. I always have these healthy versions of ice cream in the fridge to reduced my sweet tooth cravings or use it as part of my smoothie bowls

Raw Mango Raspberry Ice Cream


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