T-Plus Wellness Tea Review

Tea lovers, green tea lovers and people who don’t like the green tea taste. I know there are people out there who don’t like drinking green tea because they find it bitter and bland and misses out on the green tea benefits. BUT there’s a new green tea in the market that is fruity, packed full of vitamins and has all the green tea benefits but taste nothing like green tea.

t plus wellness tea

t+ (think it as tea plus) is the UK’s first independent range of vitamin enriched teas. They created a green tea blend that has a ‘non green tea’ taste by blending it with herbs, fruits and added vitamins. An all natural functional drink!

We all have busy lives and t plus made it easier for us to stay on top of our lives. Since there are so many of us drinking green tea everyday and taking some form of vitamin supplements, they combined both and created a healthy, natural, convenient drink with a mellow fruit taste.

Founders Jamie and Jade set t plus up a year ago when they were trying to keep on top of a healthy lifestyle and regularly took vitamin supplements and drank green tea ( despite not really liking the taste !). they then set off on a 18 month journey to develop a new blend that combines the best bits of green, herbal and fruit tea into one with the added health benefits of a top up to 7 daily essential vitamins.

Their first 4 all natural green tea blend with fruit combination flavours are: t + detox (orange & blueberry), t + multi vitamin (lemon & peach), t + immunity (apple & blackcurrant) and t + boost (raspberry & pomegranate). Each blend gives the right ingredients to help give that function in both the vitamins and herbs ( for example vitamin B contributes to energy release – this its in t + boost )

What you do is brew your tea and let it brew for 2-3 minutes..no more (I brew my first tea for a super long time as I like very strong tea and it was quite bitter as 50% in each bag is green tea…so no more than a few minutes!)

Other tea (detox) brands like bootea where there is a set period of how long to drink it. But t plus is different, there is no prescribe length, it is no diet course, they are a functional tea packed with goodness (green tea, herbs, vitamins) designed to feed your body more goodness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

t plus wellness tea

t+ sent me two beautiful teas to try. I love their packaging, the illustrations are beautifully designed! It is very cute and it clearly tells you how much of the ingredients they have used in each tea bag!

t plus wellness tea

Tea Taste Test
t+ Multivitamin
The tea to keep your busy life in balance
t plus wellness tea multi vitamin
Ingredients: Green tea, Cardamom, Spearmint, Rosemary, dried Apricot, Pumpkin, Lemon peel, dried Peach, natural Lemon & Peach flavourings, vitamin B complex granules, vitamin C granules
High in antioxidants, it contains an essential dose of vitamins C, B1,B2,B3,B5, B6 and B9 to give you a great combo of 7 essential daily vitamins derived from acerola, guava, holy basil, pumpkin, spearmint, apricot and cardamom.  That’s a lot of goodness in one little bag and it tastes of peaches. I also brew it for a bit longer and you can taste the green tea as well giving you peach flavoured green tea!
t+ Immunity
To keep your cells in tip top shop and give them the help needed to fight off those nasty free radicals.
t plus wellness tea immunity
Ingredients: Green tea, Ginseng, Cardamom, dried Orange and Blueberry pieces, Spearmint, Chicory, Orange, Strawberry and Blueberry natural flavouring, vitamin B complex granules, vitamin C granules
High in antioxidant, with a combination of spearmint, chicory and Acerola to make this blend high in vitamin C (21% RI in each tea bag), which acts as a natural boost to the immune system. Think of it as a orange fruit tea with blueberry pieces!
I like how there are so many health benefits from one tea bag! There’s even vitamin granules which you don’t find in your normal tea. I wish there a functional chocolate bar with all the vitamins and nutrients

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