Life Box Mini August 2015

NOM AWAY! Who says food can’t buy happiness! 

I love snacking and I’m trying to snack healthier, such as eating frozen grapes as candies. Then I stumbled onto Life Box… They’re wholesome food goodies chosen by a passionate health crew with products that adhere 2 or more or their specific Lifebox Rule – UK based, Refined Sugar Free, Organic, GMO Free, Raw, Vegan, Sustainable, Fairtrade, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, No preservatives or Addictives. All packed into a box delivered to your door! Also perfect fuel for writing up my dissertation!

Life Box mini box review

This is the August Mini box (£14.96 +Postage) and it is all natural and gluten free! It is a little box of superfoods at a more affordable taster price and should last for a week. Be warned… As a snacker, it is only the second day I am with this box and almost all goodies are already in my tummy…oops

Life Box Mini August Menu Review

The box is beautifully packaged and personalised! They also wrapped the box with bubble wrap for extra protection before putting it in the delivery bag to prevent any goodies being damaged. It also came with a recipe card, a fitness card and more cards on health brands that may interest you and also discount codes.

Now it’s the taste tester time!

Life Box Mini August Box Menu Review

Tapped Birch Water
This is a super water I have never come across before. It comes from Birch trees  and it is organic and naturally sweetened with a good source of anti-oxidising manganese. I got the original one but it also come in two other flavours. It is a sweet water with a woody refreshing after taste.

Be Lively Superfood Blend Sachet
Superfood for your smoothie and yoghurts! It contains chia seeds packed with protein, matcha to keep you alert, chlorella to detox and cleanse, baobab to help reduce tiredness, wheatgrass to aid glowing skin & ginger to get digestion moving. I had a new way of trying this and it was also an experiment. I mixed it with my Job’s Tear and Pearl Powder with water to create a thickness consistency like milk and had it with my granola! It was a green tea heaven for me! This could be the green powder I will ever need in my food cupboard!


Coco Caravan Raw Chocolate Morsels
Dark Chocolate. Caramel. Slight hint of orange. Put the whole thing in your mouth and you can taste the velvety caramel with bursting flavours of orange and leaving a bitter dark chocolate taste. Another heavenly snack.

Percival’s Hand Crafted 100% Natural Snack Block 
I had a beautifully hand crafted Almond and Cranberry flavoured block. It is very light, sweet and fruity. Perfect for travelling when fruit sources are low.

Clearspring Tamari Pumpkin Seeds
Packed full of nutrients such as protein, magnesium, zinc, iron, omega-3  and phosphorous. You can sprinkle them in salads but I have mixed these with the Sunflower seeds so I have a mini seed mix sitting next to my laptop for my snacking needs.

Nom Popcorn!
Popcorn hand-popped in the UK with organic coconut oil, sugar and cholesterol free! I have it in Cinnamon Maple which is pure heaven and guilt free too!

Primal Joy Foods Nut Crunch Granola
I can eat granola at anytime of the day, this is perfect eating on its own or topped with nut mylks. It is crunchy and naturally sweeten and has a nutritious blend of organic nuts, seeds and coconut oil and completely grain free!

Inspiral Kale-Os
I have heard of Kale crisps, but never tried them before. So this is the first time ever having Kale crisps. I have the flavour tomato & basil pizza and it is made with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. This is the ultimate healthy alternative to deep-fried potato chips, it is organic, gluten free, raw, vegan and paleo friendly. It is very light, like cripsy seaweed and it is not dry and taste like tomato flavoured crisps bursting in your mouth

Urban Acai Powder Sachet
Acai is a superfood high in antioxidants, omega fats, fibre, vitamins and essential amino acids. You can either mix it with your smoothie or just water for that extra boost! I had it in my super energising smoothie bowl for that extra kick.

TeaBox Detox Sachet
Very zen packaging and the brand also carry other teas for immunity, complexion and fitness. As a tea-fantic as you have read, I will drink any tea especially strong ones and I also like to discovery unusual tea, such as caramel popcorn flavoured tea. The detox tea has a very familiar scent, it is sweet and clean and reminded me of Chinese herbal teas. I think it is the goji berries as I usually combine it with red dates and boil it in hot water to make a replenish tea. Taste-wise, it is not very sweet but has this very nice after ‘gan’ taste, a very nice feeling at the back of the throat. I would also love to try their Fit Tea.

Purple Balance Raw Organic Snack Bar
I got the Lemon Pie flavour and they also have other flavours such as Goji Vanilla Cookie, Pecan Choc Cake… sounds mouth watering. It feels like I’m eating a Lemon Tart without that sickening sweetness. It taste very fruity and fresh with a slight hint of almonds; soft enough to chew but not a fudgy texture and it is filling too! Although I wouldn’t mind eating another one!

Lifebox Sunflower Seed Sample
We always have this during Chinese New Year but usually with the shell and it is perfect for snacking! It has a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and protein. I have used them in my salad, quinoa and there is also two recipes from Lifebox and using them in risottos and chick pea free hummus or snack it as it is.

Thank you Life Box! I ate very well, I love all the products in this months snack box, each different and packaged beautifully. Can’t wait for the September menu and I might opt in for the Cleanse Box!



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