Juicing with Think Press

Juices… juices everywhere… As you have read, I went for a 3 day juice cleanse few weeks ago and here I am back again! I just love that feeling after the 3 days, you feel more energised and you can tell your body has become happier. After lots of googling and comparing, I stumbled upon Think Press. Everything is 100% fresh, raw, delicious and healthy and all made locally in Kent. They are perfect for drinking first thing in the morning with the Raw Pistachio Brownies too!

Think Press Juice

Think press aims to introduce fresh juices that are unprocessed -not the ones you see in supermarkets-  and how incorporating them into our daily diets can help sustain a path to good health. This is where their Subscription Service comes in where you can opt for juices to be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly so you can have ‘a juice a day’ or have a cleanse day weekly. Cold pressed juices can rehydrate and reenergise you, improve your mental clarity, increase your energy and keep you from making bad nutritional choices throughout the day. Juicing allows the nutrients to be rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream (around 15 minutes!).

They also have several different cleanses:
Lighten Cleanse (3 or 6 days) – A lower calorie cleanse designed to help you kick lethargy, feel brighter and more energise.
Strengthen Cleanse (3 or 6 days) – A higher energy content to keep you fuelled through working out, family life and work. It has an extra nut milk each day, giving you the extra protein when you cleanse
Green Cleanse (1 or 3 days) – The most alkaline cleanse with a selection of greens to promote alkalinity in the body
Root Cleanse (1 or 3 days) – This is perfect for first timers, they are perfect for those who are new to juicing and gives you a sweeter taste of carrot and beetroot
Bespoke Cleanse (1, 3 or 6 days) – Create your own cleanse!

I went for the 3 day Bespoke Cleanse as I want to try their juices as well as having a cleanse that gives me enough energy for my brain to function and hitting the treadmill.

Think Press Juice

For Day 1 and 3, I went for Ultimate Green, Fresh Green, Cleanse Green, Ginger Roots and Cacao Cashew.
For Day 2, I had Ultimate Green, Fresh Green, Cleanse Green, Pink Roots and Almond Milk.

My delivery also came with several different teas from Tea Pigs and also a beautiful and simple cleanse guide.

Think Press Juice

There are 5 bottles of juices for each day and it also recommends you to drink a freshly squeezed lemon in hot water to start your day off. I usually just have sliced lime or lemon in the morning with my water as told by my mother that is good for my digestive system and giving it a wash to rinse out the toxins. (I have no idea where she got her info, but she would tell me to down a pint of water as soon as I wake up when I was younger and I have been doing that since.)

During my three days, I was also menstruating and drinking cold beverages wasn’t ideal it can worsen cramps and thickens the blood, making it harder to flow out. I also had to double up my hydration because of the lost blood and cleansing. So what I did was, taking the juice out of the fridge 15min before I was suppose to drink it, bringing it to warmer room temperature before consuming it. I also had plenty of herbal tea, water and coconut water (it helps recovering from cramps and energise yourself).

Juice Cleansing could make you feel unwell, light headed and weak especially if you are cleansing for the first time; and if you know you get particularly weak during your menstruation, it is a good idea to top up with juices but maybe not a full out cleanse.

For a 3 day cleanse at £95 (with free delivery) is a good bargain compared to other juice companies (Press costs £132 for a 3 day cleanse excl. delivery), giving you the option to cleanse more often with all the nutrients without denting your bank account.

Taste Tester

Think Press Juice

Ultimate Green Cucumber, Celery, Pear, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Parsley, Lemon – All your veg for the day in a bottle! This juice contains over 1kg of veg, it has a light and theres only a light celery taste to it

Fresh GreenApple, Spinach, Ginger, Lemon – Very light and refreshing, I like this the most and then Ultimate Green. It is a simple pick me up kind of juice

Cleanse GreenWatercress, Fennel, Pears, Courgette – Everything sounds weird but it goes well together. You get a hint of peppery notes that goes well with the sweet pears.

Think Press Juice

Pink RootsBeetroots, Apple, Carrots, Lemon – I like beetroot juice but I just don’t like eating it even though I know how important it is to eat different colour vegetables. This is a great way for me to drink a veg which I don’t like eating.

Ginger RootsCarrots, Apple, Ginger – This is a classic! and it’s less gingery than normal. It’s sweet, you can taste the apples and carrots and with a hint of ginger

Think Press Juice18

Cacao CashewWater, Cashew nuts, Dates, Cacao – This is the first time I have seen a Cashew nut mylk in cleanses and it is usually espresso or chocolate. As 80% of this is water, it wasn’t thick and it’s very light. You can taste the cacao, like drinking dark chocolate milk but in a thin consistency.

Almond MilkWater, Dry Almonds, Vanilla bean paste – Classic almond mylk – I think this is perfect for late night drinking because it is not too heavy and thick. You can still get your proteins and healthy fat from this. It has 9% almonds too! which is so much better than the almond milks you get in supermarkets, they only have 2% (shocking!)

Overall, I think their juices are very light and it doesn’t feel like you are drinking the veg because they are very refreshing and easy to drink! If you are new to green juices or new to juice cleanses, definitely go for Think Press.

Think Press Juice20

Each bottle has a clear label of their ingredients and how much of each food they used whereas other brands just tell you what is in it but now how much of it. It is also beautifully designed with their logo foiled stamp in rose gold on each bottle! It shows how much care they put in it even with the labelling!

Hopefully they would be launching food boxes soon and I can munch away! It is also clear that I have become a juice junkie and I am always on the look for green juices and they are so calming when you see these bottles of green and purple colour juices in your fridge.


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