Raw Press Juice + Cafe

Raw Press is a newish London cold-pressed juice brand in Mayfair and it’s tucked under the Wolf & Badger boutique on Dover Street. It’s very spacious, and welcoming, it felt I was stepping into my own kitchen but with rows of multicoloured cold-press fruit juice bottles.


Aside from their juices, Raw Press has an amazing food menu of nutritious foods with vegan and gluten-free salads, daily soups and tempting sweet treats such as their raw cookie bars, energy bars and gluten-free cake. Not to mention, they have a new menu everyday! They also offer açai bowls, homemade granola with yoghurt and berries, superfood porridge and more. Alternatively, they have toasters on the table for you to toast your bread and top it up with their nut butters.

Another thing I like about this brand is they use glass bottles for the juices. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but you’re also helping the environment. When you bring back your used bottles to the store, you can collect stamps to earn free bottle of juices (I also like the feel and design of the loyalty card, it has a weight to it – designgasm). This concept is much better than just throwing away the plastic bottles after drinking your juice, especially if you have a 3 day juice cleanse, that’s about 24 bottles?!

The Juices
Unfortunately, not all 10 juices were in stock, but here is what I got. Prices range from £4.50 – £7.50


1 Super Green (Coconut Water, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Parsley) – Brace yourself to a green tonic that is good for your skin, hair, nails and your body! It taste just of a very veggie green juice and it feels you are drinking all the goodness in.

3 Sweet Green (Pineapple, Apple, Kale, Swiss Chard, Lemon, Ginger, Mint) – It looks green but it doesnt taste green. All I can taste is nothing but sweetness, like drinking apple juice, it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking a green veg juice! This is a perfect gateway to green juices without the green veggie taste. If you are new to green juices, definitely give this a try.

4 Deep Rooted (Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Fennel, Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke, Horseradish) -I have no idea why I picked this up  because just by reading the ingredients, there’s only two I like which is apple and carrot…the rest are in my list of things I don’t eat. Taste just like beetroot juice which I am perfectly fine drinking it but probably not eating it.

5 Uprooted (Carrot, Orange, Fennel, Turmeric, Ginger, Argon Oil) – Another no idea why I picked this up. I wanted to try the No. 6 Citrus but they didn’t have any so I got this. Very interesting ingredients such as argon oil. I have only used it on my hair and body, but I’ve never tasted it and it felt quite weird drinking it. It taste of carrots and has a warm sensation after drinking it. I’m not particularly keen on this one.

8 Chocolate Mylk (Almonds, Coconut Water, Dates, Himalayan Sale, Vanilla Bean, Raw Cacao Powder) – The mylk’s ingredients are fairly similar to Press’ Cacao Leche, but it uses coconut water instead of filtered water and also has vanilla bean in the chocolate mylk. It is a very light chocolate milk and you can’t taste the coconut water. In comparison to Press, it has a lighter consistency and not as thick and creamy as Press’ Cacao Leche.

So if you are a person who likes chocolate milk and being guilt free, I would go for Press’ Leche. But if you prefer something lighter, go for Raw Press’s Mylk.

9 Almond Mylk (Almonds, Coconut Water, Dates, Himalayan Salt, Vanilla Bean) – The ingredients here are also fairly similar to Press’ Vanilla Leche, the only difference is it uses coconut water instead of filtered water. Taste wise, this has a much lighter consistency and not a very milk texture. You can also taste the coconut water, to me it feels like drinking coconut almond water. Personally, I prefer Press’ Leches more because it is more creamy and has a thicker consistency, but since we are all different, this maybe for you.

Packed with antioxidants, proteins and good fats, they are also 100% guilt and gluten free!


Green Tea – This is LOVE! Especially if you are a fan of matcha products! Strong matcha flavours with desiccated coconut and it is not very sweet which is to my liking

Berry Burst – I am not a fan of beetroot and I don’t like eating them at all! However, this bar is very sweet and delicious and doesn’t have that beetroot taste


I think Raw Press has become one of my favourite cafes. There’s free wifi, and you can comfortably chill their for the whole afternoon. Whether if you’re catching up with friends or busy typing away on your laptop, it has a nice chill vibe for you to relax with nutritious food and juices to replenish your body. (Their Courgette ‘Noodles’ with truffle oil is amazing!)

Can’t wait to go back for more juices and those delicious DynaBites and stock up for the weekend!

Raw Press
Address: 32 Dover St, London W1S 4NE
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm


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