Press Juice Cleanse Experience

Today, I am going to share with you my Three Day Juice Cleanse Experience, what I did and how I felt in the end. So for three days, I drank nothing but juice and lots of water, coconut water and herbal tea for extra hydration; no food, no booze and no caffeine. But if you do feel the need to eat, go for raw food such as salads or energy balls.

Why the juice cleanse?
I think the main reason I’m cleansing because I have been feeling run down lately and I’m constantly tired. So, I decided to reboot my body by giving them a break and flood them with with raw, unpasteurised, cold pressed greens, root vegetables and fresh fruits. 

Cleansing also gives your body a much-needed break from the hormones, pesticides, additives and chemicals that you ingest each day through the consumption of processed food or by simply living in urban areas. Other benefits of Cleansing include an increased sense of mental clarity, empowerment, and control that come with a conscious commitment to our health.

Why is cold press juice so expensive?
In short, because each bottle contains up to 6lbs worth of produce and the pressure that’s needed to make the juice. They use thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze the juice from their produce. The using high pressure processing (HPP) to preserve the nutrients.

With Press, one 500ml bottle contains 1kg worth of fresh fruits and vegetables and their juices are pressed under 3,000 tones

Why Press?
After researching on juice cleanses in London, I like how Press has it’s own store around London (Soho, Broadgate Circle, Selfridges) so you can visit them to find out more and then decide which tier and juices would be suited for you. Another thing I like about Press is that you can customise the cleanse as well, swapping out 1 or 2 bottles to suit your taste.

Soho Store Experience
The brand really reflect throughout all the touch points. From their staff to their juices and their packaging and store design, very minimalistic with a good, calming vibe and good music. The staffs are very knowledgeable and friendly, giving you a very personal experience. It is like a little getaway from the busy London life.

The staff offered different juices for me to try to see which I prefer and I also tried a Salted Carmel Amazeball and it was surprisingly delicious!


The Juices Customised Tier 1 (I swapped Greenhouse 1 with Greenhouse 3)
This is the order I drank them everyday, it is slightly different from what the website suggested.
First thing in the morning: Cleanse Water 2 + Greenhouse 3
Every two hours: Greenhouse 2, Orchard 2, Grove 2, Cacao Leche, Vanilla Leche
2 hours before you sleep (around 10pm/11pm for me): Cleanse Water 1

As you can read all about the benefits and nutrients info on their website and I will link each bottle to their page as well. I will share with you how I felt towards each of them

IMG_2695 copy
Cleanse Water 2 (Chlorophyll Nutrient Water) Chlorophyll, Mint, Filtered Water – Not a fan I have to say, it taste very green because of the chlorophyll but you will get used to it after a while.

Cleanse Water 1 (Alkaline Cleanse Water) Aloe Vera, Lemon, Filter Water – What this does is it help you detoxify your body, keeping your body hydrate and replenishes your digestive system while you sleep. It tastes like very diluted lemon water.

IMG_2693 copy

Greenhouse 3 Spinach, Kale, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon – I quite like this because of the ginger. The reason I opted in the 3 instead of the 1 was because when I tried the 1, the celery taste was quite pungent and for the 3, the ginger taste kind of covered. Ginger is also good for energising and aids digestion.

Greenhouse 2 Spinach, Kale, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber – The ingredients are very similar to the 3, I find this much easier to drink and it feels like I’m drinking water.

Grove 2 Watermelon, Lime – I love watermelon juice, so I was a happy bunny!It is more of a watermelon water, rather than solid watermelon juice. It is very refreshing and light. I still miss fresh watermelon juice though but I guess this is the closest I can get.

Orchard 2 Apple, Lemon, Ginger – I have had apple and ginger juice before so this was no stranger. But is is very strong almost like the ginger shot from Pret. It took me about 10 minutes to drink this because its very gingery and has this burning sensation.

IMG_2696 copy

Cacao Leche Almond, Dates, Raw Cacao Nibs, Filtered Water, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – Chocolate Almond Milk! Don’t worry is not very sweet but it’s absolutely amazing! It’s so creamy and felt like I was drinking chocolate milk!

Vanilla Leche Almond, Dates, Vanilla Bean, Filtered Water, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – I call this dessert, it is like a sweet vanilla pudding with a hint of almond! I actually find this sweeter than the cacao.

I think the Leches are my favourites out of all the juices.

After the 3 days….

I felt less bloated thats for sure but I don’t think I lost any (real) weight apart from water weight. I would suggest taking everything slow and easy as your body is trying to adapt during your cleanse. On the first day, I felt slightly light headed and have been craving for some solid food but after a drinking my third bottle, I think my body is starting to adapt and less of the cravings. For the next few days after your cleanse, you will probably be craving for food but you do not want to stress your organs and tax your digestion by eating heavy foods right away. Keep up your fluids and have light meals such as fruits, salads, nuts and gradually introduce your body back to animal proteins and dairy.

I think the juices really renewed my taste palette and I am more opened to raw food than before which I think it is a great to a healthier lifestyle. Maybe I will do one very soon again!


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