Summer Travels: Mykonos

ITS GREECE BABY! A week of sunshine and relaxation with my favourite people! What more can I ask for :) What we did mostly was grilling under the sun, eating and strolling in the town.

P1020456 2

We booked a package holiday to Mykonos for a week and stayed at the San Marco Hotel for a week.  It was mostly eating, shopping, sleeping, grilling under the sun. Our hotel was around 15min from town but there is a shuttle bus that takes us to town every hour.

P1020365 2

Food in Greece: my favourite is pita bread with dips and chicken kebab. the food here tend to be more salty, you may need to tell them to add less salt or no salt when ordering.

P1020458 2P1020420 2

Shops around town: Lots of olive based products such as handmade soaps, creams, hair products.

There is also a honey shop where I bought a few different flavours and also honey with pistachios, chestnut, cashew nuts in them. One of the flavours which is quite interesting is the Chestnut Honey, it has a very distinctive taste and its not too sweet.

P1020715 2

Little Venice – We had dinner at one of the restaurants with a view of the sunset

P1020537 2P1020598 2

P1020550 2

We went to a nearby island for a day, it was more like a private island as we were the only people there. I went snorkelling and the sea is so clear you can see everything, it was scary as well.

P1020673 2

Super Paradise Beach is one of the main beaches on the island where there are parties everynight. We took a bus from the old pier to get there, it is more like an exclusive beach, there weren’t too many people in the afternoon. The sand is not as fine either but the atmosphere is fantastic for a relaxing holiday with music playing at the background. There is also a shop where you can make customise your own tShirt, they have it in town as well.

P1020451 2P1020419 2P1020408 2

Missing greece very much! especially the clear water and sleeping under the sun.

P1020487 2P1020662 2P1020404 2

What’s your favourite island in Greece?


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