Cheerz Box: Capturing all the best moments of 2014-15


Hey guys,

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

With the academic year coming to an end, I wanted to print out some of my favourite photos from my Instagram and Facebook page to keep as a memory of the best times I had with my friends during my Masters degree at Exeter Uni.

I placed an order with Cheerz and got the Big Stripes Cheerz Box! I have previously purchased a similar product with this company back in February 2015 when they were still known as Polabox.

The procedure is pretty simple. You simply log on to their site and select the product you like (they have lots of cute products to choose from, ranging from magnets, Cheerz boxes, posters to photo frames)! You then upload your pictures onto their webpage. The basic Cheerz box comes with 30 photos (£13.95) but you can add £0.15 for each extra print and you can get a maximum of 45 photos. The website lets you edit your photos with their filters, adjust the photos so that it fits into the frame, as well as add a short caption underneath each picture.

Not only can you do all of this on your computer, but you can also do it on the go on your mobile phone or tablet by downloading their app for iOS or Android.

However, I’d recommend that you select photos that are already on your Instagram, to guarantee that the whole picture fits into the frame. I made the mistake of choosing a few photos that were in a landscape layout and therefore didn’t fit into the frame so I had to delete the photo and add another one, which made the webpage go a bit funky and it didn’t save my previous photo captions, which meant it took more time to create!


This is how the cheerz box looks like – compact, bright and vibrant!


Overall, I am very happy with the outcome! I particularly love how you can have a caption underneath each picture, which means you will always remember a particular time even after 20 years! It is perfect for decorating your bedroom wall or anything of the sort!

IMG_8124 IMG_8126
It’s so pretty – I love it!!


f you’re thinking of printing your photos in a fun way, I’d highly recommend the Cheerz Box! Even if you don’t want to pin it up on a wall or notice board, you can always keep it all together in one place in the cute box. It also makes a great gift to a friend or significant other ;)

Have a great day and speak soon!


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