Summer Delight: Energising Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowls are the new breakfast bowls. It’s a way to enjoy smoothies with a spoon instead of drinking them with a straw. They’re a delicious, satisfying, and nutritious twist on cereals. Smoothie bowls are great to have for breakfast, as a post-workout meal, for a quick lunch, or even for dessert without the guilt depending on what ingredients you use.


The smoothie bowl is in a thicket consistency compared to the drinking smoothie and you can customise and add your own toppings. Usually frozen fruits are used in smoothie bowls as it thickens the smoothie and it also acts as a natural sweetener and adds creaminess! Remember the Clean Strawberry Ice Cream? The main ingredients are just frozen strawberries and yoghurt that creates a thick and creamy texture.

Lately, I have been needing an extra boost, as I have been adding yoga to my weekly fitness routine and I have been practicing 4-5 days a week and hitting the gym twice a week. It seems smoothie bowls are the magic key to me and instantly replenishes my body.

This Energising Smoothie is high in Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folic Acid, Protein, Fiber, and healthy monounsaturated fats that provide excellent energy to the body! It will super charge you body and be energised for the day!



You can either buy already frozen fruits from your local supermarket, or you can buy them fresh and freeze them overnight. So they are nice and chilled.

Ingredients (Serves 2)
1 Frozen Mango, Sliced
200g Frozen Blueberries
1 Avocado
Handful of Spinach or Kale or Both
150 – 200ml Milk (eg. Soy, Almond, Hemp)
1-2 Tbsp Raw Honey (for additional sweetness)

Topping Options
Goji Berreis
Chai Seed
Granola, Oats
Anything you fancy

It’s Super Simple to make, all you need to do is put everything in a food processor or blender and let it blitz for five minutes until it’s smooth and creamy! Pour your thick creamy smoothie into a bowl, it should be much thicker than a drinkable smoothie and it’s time to decorate your bowl with scrumptious toppings!




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