National Sun Safety Week: Sun Protection Essentials

As we have officially entered the summer season, I’m sure lots of you will be going on exotic holidays and hitting the beach or pool to catch a few rays. I am currently in Exeter in the UK and will be spending my summer at Uni writing my master’s dissertation. Not the most interesting summer but I do have a couple of short trips planned – including Malta and Venice, which I am so excited about! Since it is the National Sun Safety Week, I thought I’d share with you my sun protection essentials which are suitable for everybody who is going to be exposed to the sun this summer. I’ll be first to admit that I’m a proper tan-aholic, which makes it even more important for me to choose the appropriate sun protection! IMG_7051 The first item I’d like to talk about is Nivea’s Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist in SPF 20. I have been using this sunscreen for a couple of summers now. The reason why I like it so much is that it is not as sticky as the liquid formula, nor does it leave white streaks on your skin. But instead, it is very light and easy to apply. It’s a winner for me mainly due to the fuss-free application. I use this product as a base protection for my entire body to keep me protected from the sun and to prevent sunburns! The second product from the left is Piz Buin’s Tan and Protect: Tan Intensifying Sun Lotion in SPF 6. I have always liked Piz Buin’s products, especially their tanning accelerators. My usual favourite was not available at our local drugstore (Boots), therefore I decided to try something new and went for this Tan Intensifier. Anything that can accelerate/intensify the tanning process is always a winner, given that it has SPF protection ;). The little yellow bottle is the Sunkiller – Perfect Strong Plus  SPF 50+ PA+++,  I wrote a review about this sunscreen almost a year ago (clearly a favourite!). This has remained one of my top face sunscreens mainly because of its high SPF, PA protection as well as its non-greasiness. Feel free to read the full review by clicking on the hyperlink above! The next product that is worth a mention is PIz Buin’s Sun Lipstick in SPF 30. It is absolutely crucial that we protect out lips from the sun. The last thing you want is sunburnt lips right? Another amazing product that I would like to recommend to you, which I currently don’t have with me is the P20 Sunscreen. This stuff is liquid gold! I have previously used this on trips to Mykonos and Barbados and it worked so well. The idea is that you only have to apply the sunscreen ONCE a day and you will remain protected. It is particularly suitable for day trips out on a boat, outdoor excursions or for generally lazy people like myself. I was told that this is a beach/ pool lifeguard’s essential item, which I found quite reassuring. The other day I came across a New York and New Jersey health insurance company called Oscar Health which I found very interesting. It is essentially an app that helps its users stay informed and on top of health topics, such as skin protection. The app involves a team of nurses and healthcare experts who are on call to answer any questions that their users might have. For example, a question I asked was – what foods can help with getting a vitamin D fix. The app is great because its free to talk with a doctor over the phone anytime and advice can be provided about all aspects of your health! It is worth checking out! Alright, thats it for today! Stay hydrated and protected – and of course have fun in the sun! Lots of Love, tt-02

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