May Favourites 2015

Coincidently, my May Favourites are in greens and blues. Due to my research dissertation on senses and emotion, I have a random fact on colour psychology for you. A combination of blue and green (making turquoise) heals the emotional balance and stability.This is a colour that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. The blue radiates the peace, calm and tranquility and balances the growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow.


It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Essence
These are highly concentrated essence selected by dermatologists. Each bottle solves your skin problems one by one. It does do an interesting thing to other products applied on the skin after using this serum, it feels the products I apply afterwards are absorbed much quicker, like a magnet effect. thus providing an overall feel of hydration, leaving skin bouncy, moist and slightly lifted.

Quick info about other Power 10 serums:
WH Effector – contains Arbutin for skin whitening
WR Effector – contains Caviar and Mitletoe extract for skin resilience
VE Effector – contains Vitamin E for nutrients and moisture
PO Effector – contains highly concentrated Houttuynia cordata extract for pore management
LI Effector – contains Liquorice extract for skin brightening
GF Effector – contains GF-Biopolymer for sensitive skin
VC Effector – contains Vitamin C for skin brightening
YE Effector – contains Yeast extracts for skin clarity
CO Effector – contains vegetable Collagen extract for a youthful skin
Q10 Effector – contains Coenzyme Q10 for skin vitality
VB Effector – contains Vitamin B6 for oily skin

I have used the YE Effector and WH Effector as well and I have making my way through to trying all of them. But for this month, the GF effector and VB effector are my absolute favs, especially with the weather warming up, my skin can get quite oily. So these two products really helped. (For me, oily skin is sometimes caused by lack of moisture in my skin).

GF Effector (Blue)
This essence GF-biopolymer for moisturising benefits, it is formulated with liquorice extracts to reduce redness cause by skin irritations. It enriches and moisturise your skin, leaving it calmer, softer, smoother and healthy looking. It also relieve dry and oversensitive skin to keep it hydrated.

VB Effector (Green)
A concentrated whitening facial serum Enriched with Vitamin B6 to effectively control sebum secretion. It contains Yellow Oriental Arborvitae & Schisandra Chinensis extracts for whitening & has anti-aging benefits. These vitamins suppresses excess sebum secreation, balances skin’s natural moisture & oils while relieving skin problems, unveils a clearer, more radiant & healthier looking complexion

Directions: After cleansing & toning, take a few drops on palms & rub together to warm the serum. Pat palms on face until serum is fully absorbed. Follow with cream or moisturiser.


Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


This is my favourite all time hand cream, especially for the winter months and when I get dry patches. It can relieves very very dry skin and makes your skin insanely moist. It is a buttery texture but it feels quite light on the skin and doesn’t make your skin feel sticky. I also bought their travel sized version so I can use it on the go :)

“Hemp is one of the oldest crops in the world, cultivated in Europe and Asia for food, for its oil and for medicinal purposes. Although our Community Fair Trade hemp is the same species that is used to produce cannabis, we use the non-psychoactive variety of hemp called Finola, which produces a beautifully rich hydrating oil. Because the crop could be mistaken for the illegal variety of hemp, we have to keep our supplier’s location and identity top secret. However, we can tell you that our farmers carefully nurture their hemp crops in a uniquely beautiful and confidential location in the UK.” – Body Shop



Body Shop Olive Body Butter
Olive has so many health benefits, it is a good source of Vitamin E and also eliminates excess cholesterol in the blood. The oil from olives can also be used for cooking and can be used as a hair mask! This is a rich and creamy body butter that melts straight in to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, it has a very subtle fruity scent (not over powering at all). It is great for normal to dry skin and gives you 24 hours of hydration! Best to apply it after your shower



Cocowhite Oil Pulling 14 day course – Minty
I have heard of oil pulling long ago but I just never really went out to look for coconut oil. But a few weeks back, I saw this innovative way of oil pulling which is easy to use (as I am a lazy person). Cocowhite has created these easy to use sachets with the perfect amount of dosage for each use. All you have to do is warm up the sachet, I highly advice this because when it’s cooled, the texture is rather lumpy and horrific. Next, open the sachet, pour it in your mouth and swish it around for 5-10 minutes.What happens is when you swish the oil around the mouth, bacterias get suck in by the oil and dissolves in the liquid oil. The following is from Cocowhite’s website:

“The main benefit of oil pulling is to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. There are actually thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth. Some of them are friendly, others are not. The bacteria in the mouth create a “biofilm” on the teeth – a thin layer that they use to adhere to the surface. This is what we know as “plaque.”

Having some plaque on your teeth is normal, but if it gets out of hand it can cause all sorts of problems, including bad breath, yellow teeth, gum inflammation, gingivitis and cavities.”

I do have to say you need some time to get use to it as swishes oil in my mouth is new to me. After a few goes, you would get the hang of it and I would be swishing oil while I do other stuff, such as typing this post! (As I am still in process of going through the 14 day course, I will post before and after pics on a later day)

I usually use it at night so it works it wonders when I sleep. I have also used it in the morning, and its best to use it on an empty stomach before you brush your teeth. Also all their ingredients are 100% natural and preservative free!

What are your favourites this month? Have you started planning your summer?


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