2015 Mascara Collection

This is my current mascara collection, I didn’t realise I have this many mascaras until I cleared up my make up drawer last week. Most of them are almost new, I like to try them to see which works best and depending weather if I have my lash to look more natural or more volumising. I don’t keep track on how old they are but I would toss them out once the consistency had change or if they no longer work as I like them to be.

When I look for mascaras, the criteria I look for are clump free, smudge free and either lengthening or volumising or both. All my mascaras barely smudges or give you panda eyes after running in the rain.

 From left to right

1) Diorshow Maximiser (review here) – Ever since I discovered this accidentally earlier this year, this is probably the best primer I have ever used and it can also be used as a lash serum
2) Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions by False Lash Effect – One of my current favourites, and as advertised, it doesn’t clump even after three coats of this. The end result would give you longer lashes and would give you a more natural look.If you are after volumising, this is not for you. However, you can also pair it with the Flase Lash Effect for a more va va voom look!
3) Max Factor False Lash Effect 24hr – Super volumising and doesn’t clump! It has a different brush design compared to other volumising mascaras
4) Lord & Berry Alchimia High Performance – Very similar to the Clump Defy, not sure if I like it or not because sometimes, it does smudge if you apply too many coats on. It’s in the collection because I don’t want to just throw it away and waste the product.
5) Lord & Berry Scuba Extreme – Volumising mascara, but another not sure product
6) Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof (review here) – Super lengthening mascara and no matter how many coats you apply, it doesn’t flake or clump! This is very handy for topping up your make up on the go.
7) Beautenizer FiberWig (review here) – The glossy formula holds the volumising, lengthening fibres in place for lashes. It doesn’t flake or smudge.
8) Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – As the brush this mascara is much smaller, it makes the application so much easier, especially if you have short lashes.
9) FairyDrops Primer – I have almost finish using this and going onto my Dior Maximiser, I have to use a primer for my lashes before applying any mascara products. It is just how you would apply primer on your skin before powering your face because it is like a protective layer to keep your skin in good condition. Same for the lashes.
10) FairyDrops Platinum Waterproof (review here) – Best for summer when you go to the beach parties and boat parties! Doesn’t smudge!
11) FairyDrops Queen Quattro – This is a newest member in my collection and it is new to the market! It is fairly similar to the Platinum Waterproof but it has four bobbles instead of three.The design of the brush is to deposit mascara and lift lashes in all the right places for maximum volume. The additional fibres also build volume and length while creaing clump-free, defines lashes. There are also 8 types of different treatments essences to improve lash condition: squalene, jojoba seed oil, panthenol, hydrolised collagen and moisturising hyaluronic acid – which is a bonus.
12) HolikaHolikda Super Cara 01 Super Volume (review here) – One of the best volmising mascara I have ever used. It doesn’t clump
13) Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King – This is a fiber mascara that holds up your curls and lengthens at the same time but this has a dryer formula compared to my other mascaras.

Volumising Recommendation
3) Max Factor False Effect
12) HolikaHolikda Super Cara

Lengthening Recommendation
6) Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof
2) Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions

Lengthen and Volumise Recommendation
11) Fairy Drops Queen Quattro
10) Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof
7) Beautenizer FiberWig

Let me know if there is any particular mascara you would like me to swatch!



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