Cheesy Kimchi Omelette Recipe

I must admit, when I first tried kimchi a few years ago, I didn’t like it very much. But since my trip to Korea last year, I was wholly converted! Now I would eat it with fried rice, pancakes, or even straight from the jar!

Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. It is spicy and sour, not everyone likes it. You either love it or hate it. 

For those who add cheese slices to Korean spicy noodles, I am sure you will enjoy this recipe I will be sharing. It is a cheesy omelette with kimchi!  You can also add courgettes, mushrooms, peas, or a fistful of chopped greens (like kale or Swiss chard), or even seafood such as shrimp or prawns. IMG_1581

Here is what you need:
– 2 eggs
– 1 tsp mirin (rice wine vinegar and a teensy sprinkle of sugar)
– salt
– black pepper
– 1 tsp vegetable oil
– 2 spring onions, cut into 1 1/2-inch (4cm)
– A generous 2 tablespoons chopped kimchi
– A handful of cheese of your choice, I used a mix of grated mozzarella and cheddar

1. Heat the oil in a pan.

2. While the pan is heating up, mix the eggs in the a bowl with salt, a few turns of black pepper, and the mirin. If you have gochujang paste lying around, you can also mix it in the egg for more heat

3. Add the kimchi, spring onions or other vegetables. Sauté for 1 minute or so, stirring occasionally. 


4. Add the eggs and let cook for 2 minutes over moderate heat.


5. Add in your cheese on half of the omlette and let it cook further for another minute.


6. Fold the omlette in half and press it down a bit. Now flip it and cook on the other side for a few more seconds


7. Serve your omelette with some kimchi on the side.  IMG_1587



Look at the stringy cheese! (could’ve added more too)
What is your verdict on Kimchi? Yay or Nay?

Have a fabolicious weekend :)

Lots of Love, 
Tweedle T x


3 thoughts on “Cheesy Kimchi Omelette Recipe

  1. Love Kimchi (but I’m half Korean, so it’s not a surprise, haha)!
    You should try Kimchi pajeon (Kimchi pancakes) if you haven’t had them yet :) Soooo good…
    Btw feel free to do my spring tag if you like!

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