Winterize Your Nails

winter nials

With winter just around the corner, we are constantly running around outside in the cold dry air, and the next second we’re being toasted indoors with the heating on full blast. This really can wreck havoc on your nails. Therefore we have come up with a 2-part routine with a few tips you can undertake to make sure you keep those nails looking fresh and healthy:


Part 1 – Prep Your Nails

1. Clip & Shape. I am personally a fan of having shorter nails for the winter as it looks neat and tidy. Make sure to always file them in one direction, otherwise you can damage and weaken the nail’s free edge!

2. Bye bye Cuticles. Soak your nail beds with Cuticle Softener for at least 30 seconds and then use a cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticles back.

3. Cleanse. Buff your nails and cuticles with a buffing block for that healthy shine. Though do be cautious not to over buff them because too much friction can thin them down and weaken your nails.

4. Moisturise. Apply Cuticle Oil around the edges of your nails to keep them soft and moisturised throughout the cold wintry months.



Tip 1: Moisturise and moisturise. When you moisturise your hands, pay particular attention to your nails and cuticles. Choose moisturizers containing lactic acid, phospholipids or urea, and stick to fragrance-free versions. (Scented moisturizers can be drying.) When you’re outside in the cold, you could apply lip balm to your cuticles for that extra moisture – I personally do this all the time.

Tip 2: Glove up. Cold air and wind can zap moisture from your nails. Wear gloves if you’ll be out in the weather. At night, slather nails and cuticles with olive oil or vaseline and wear cotton gloves to bed. Soaps and detergents can damage your nails, so use rubber gloves when you’re washing dishes and doing other household chores.

Tip 3: Naked Nails. Choose a nail polish remover without acetone, because it contains very harsh chemicals that strips your nails of natural oils and dries them out. Every 3-4 weeks, let your nails go naked and allow them to breathe. I am sure a lot of us have experienced having yellowy nails from constantly having them covered in nail varnish.

Tip 4: Vitamin Boost. Vitamin B and Protein helps strengthen your nails. So load up on avocados, beans, eggs, lentils, lean meat, pork and salmon.

Part 2 – Application


I will be using these three products in this tutorial to achieve a glossy, chip free, winter-friendly look.

IMG_1641Base Coat: A good base coat will help your nail varnish last that much longer. I have been using OPI’s Original Nail Envy for 2 and a half years now and it is a solid favourite of mine. A base coat will provide a smooth surface so that your nail polish will glide on effortlessly. It also protects your nails from the colour polish and prevents it from turning yellow. Basically, I cannot stress how important it is to apply a base coat – for both protective and quality aspects.

Nail Varnish: I recently got this pretty pastel purple shade in “Frozen Berry” by Mavala in Boots. I know it is winter, but I simply cannot stray away from the delicate pastels! To be honest, I just wear them all year round regardless of the seasons! With a steady hand, I apply two coats of the polish and make sure I get a really solid, opaque colour on my nails. My advice would be to paint on a thin layer at a time and allow it to fully dry before applying the next coat. The thicker your polish is, the harder it is to dry which means it is more likely to smudge. I like to leave a little gap between my cuticles and the polish because I think it looks better that way. After the application stage, be patient, sit down and avoid any finger/hand movements.
There are some gorgeous colours available from JULEP’s nail polish collection. We love the sleek packaging and vibrant colours.

IMG_1647Top coat: I have experimented with numerous top coats and it is safe to say that I have officially found my favourite one. This top coat is by Orly and it seriously is THE best. No matter how cheap my nail polish is, I think the top coat is the one item that does the trick to having chip-free nails. I once used a £1 nail polish and it remained chip-free for an entire week. And this includes me doing house chores and sport everyday. This one by Orly is so great because it gives your nails that polished look, and leaves it looking thick and glossy, just like a gel manicure. Without doubt, I would absolutely recommend this top coat to anybody. I also think this one beats infamous seche vite top coat.

Tip: For your nails to dry even quicker, run it under freezing cold tap water for 30 seconds, it helps set the nail polish! This definitely works as I’ve tried it countless of times ;)

Lots of love,
Tweedle D and Tweedle T xoxoxo

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