Philip Kingsley Elaticizer Extreme Review

IMG_0477 Any of you suffering from super dry, parched hair that is in desperate need of moisture? I know I am! The Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer Extreme is currently my new favourite of the month and is worth doing a quick review on. I always like to keep a deep conditioning hair mask in my bathroom to give my hair a much needed treatment from time to time (usually once a week). I have used this product 4 times over the past month and it has worked wonders on my dry locks. Just a bit of background info on my fro: I have dyed my hair many times this year (at least 6 times!!) and have had parts of it bleached, leaving my hair in quite a damaged state. Obviously the best solution is to cut off all the damaged bits and start with fresh hair. But I am trying to grow my hair and get it nice and long, therefore the only way to maintain it for now is to take good care of it and keep doing lots of hair treatments! The instructions recommends you to wet your hair and before shampooing, apply the treatment generously into sections of your hair (avoiding the scalp area) and focus on the mid lengths. Keep it in a shower cap for 20 minutes, then rinse it out and follow with your normal shampoo and conditioner routine. This “intensive super conditioning pre-shampoo treatment for over processed, porous hair types” claims to “add elasticity, bounce and shine”. It is suitable for colour treated hair. My Verdict: It works! And I would definitely repurchase it! I really like this mask because I can actually feel and see the difference in the condition of my hair. It transforms my hair from a wirey, coarse texture into a much smoother, sleeker and manageable state. My hair also looks healthier and shinier, which is exactly what I want. I got it for £29 from I think it is a great addition to add to your shower essentials, especially for the upcoming winter months, when the dry, cold weather kicks in and I am sure your hair will thank you for it! Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Lots of Love, Tweedle D xoxoxo 

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