Mini Autumn Haul 2014

IMG_0467 Welcome Autumn 2014! Today is officially the start of Autumn so I thought I’d share with you a mini haul of a few items which I have bought over the past week to welcome the new season. I have been back at Exeter, Devon for a week now where I am continuing my postgraduate studies. I can’t wait to officially start my course tomorrow, where I will be learning more about the business industry! IMG_0468 IMG_0469 Miss Selfridge: Angel Faux Fur Biker (£49) I was in desperate need of new flat ankle booties as there are a lot of hills at my Uni, so flat shoes are essential for getting around campus. I saw these online and thought they were really cute and cosy so I made them mine :)! If you are a student, be sure to download the UniDays App and you can get 20% off your Miss Selfridge online order! This pair of shoes is a very versatile piece and will be great when paired with skinny jeans or mini skirts with tights! I can’t wait to wear them when the weather gets cooler. IMG_0470 Urban Outfitters: Cooperative Jacquard Top in Mono (£28) I love the monochrome print of this crop top, you can’t go wrong with black and white! It goes well with a pair of well fitted jeans –  a great staple piece to add to my collection. It is loose fitting, which makes it very comfortable to wear. IMG_0422 Quick snap in the changing rooms ;) IMG_0471 Primark: Lounge pants and Cosy Socks (forgotten exact price but under £10) I realised I didn’t have a pair of cosy lounge pants to wear when I am relaxing in my dorm room and was delighted to find this cheap and cheerful pair in Primark! They are cuffed at the ankle which is ideal because I really dislike it when it drags across the floor! It has an oriental flowery print, which I find really pretty and they are just so cosy!!!!! Of course I also had to get a pair of cosy socks to go with them – who likes having cold feet in the winter hey? That is it for this mini haul. Hope you all had a very relaxing weekend and are ready for the new week ahead! Good luck! Bye for now! Lots of Love, Tweedle D xoxoxo

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