Fishful Season

Hello Lovelies! Is everyone ready for the wintry season? I have been doing some retail therapy, both online and on the high streets. A wintry autumn haul will be up very soon! Today, I will be sharing with you a lovely seafood restaurant tucked away in the Tai Hang District in Hong Kong.


Tai Hang is an eatery district, where new and unique eateries and restaurants can be found from time to time. Fishful Season as its named, serves mainly seafood and the owner avoids choosing seafood from Asia to assure good qualities. The restaurant’s ‘Taste the Journey’ philosophy ensures that the customers know the origin of the produce, from the sea to the plate.



US Dungeness Crab
Deep fried crab meat cake paired with a sweet tangy tomato mango salsa sauce. This is also made using sustainable crab meat and it is certified with MSC certification



Traditional Seafood Paella 
Paella lovers! The rice is cooked perfectly, filled with Spanish Scarlet Shrimp, Nigerian Tiger Prawn, Morocco Calamari & Market Fish, it is a dish not to be missed. The Nigerian Tiger Prawn and the Morocco Octopus both are also sustainable seafood.

IMG_7486.JPGOriental Fish Broth
The rice soaks up all the flavours from the fish broth and it is paired with Tiger King Prawns, Market Fish and toasted garlic, an interesting take on traditional broths I’ve had. The Tiger Prawn here is wild caught, it is also sustainable and certified with Friend of the Sea.

The Tweedlets were fully satisfied with the fresh seafood and lovely service we had. If you are visiting Tai Hang, be sure to check this place out!

Lots of Love, 
Tweedle T x


* Shop B, G/F, 23 Shepherd Street, Tai Hang (大坑施弼街23號地下B鋪) / +852 2590 0690

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