The Miraculous 360° Bomb Curl Brush


Hello my dear readers,

Hope you have had a really great weekend and are all ready for the new week ahead! For those of you going back to school this week – GOOD LUCK!

Over the month of August I have discovered this interesting and unique hair brush that is made in Japan. I came across it in Log-On in Hong Kong and thought it had a quirky look which caught my attention. I am always looking for easy ways to get that “Blow Dried – C Curl effect, where the ends of your hair curls inwards, while using minimal heat. I have tried many products and haven’t had much luck in the past. So I was hoping that this 360 Bomb Curl Brush would change that and this is what I thought about it…


I wanted to be able to achieve this blow dried look – where the ends curl inwards.

Let’s just say I am very happy that I stubbled upon this hair brush! I think it is much easier to use than compared to a round brush because the bristles are much longer, making your hair twirl and flow without having to pull down / tug at it really hard, which not only puts a lot of pressure on your scalp but also requires a lot of effort. I find that this comb works best when your hair is about 80-90% dry. You can use the comb to curve your hair inwards, as you would do with a round brush. Do it repeatedly to all parts of your hair, curving it in the desired direction. That way your hair will set in a curved shape. If you do it when your hair is only 40-50% dry then it won’t set in place. It is super easy to use – much easier than a round brush I think!

Alternatively, if you don’t have enough time to wait for it to dry, you can also use a pair of straighteners to curl it inwards, also creating the inwards flick. After that, use this comb and curve it inwards again in a twirling motion, which helps to enhance the curl. If you are not washing your hair that night, then use this comb again in the morning to bring out the curvature and bounce – it lasts all day!! Though the downside is that being quite a big brush – it is not very travel friendly. But ah well, it’s worth taking it trips with me if it keeps my hair looking pretty! Inexpensive and easy to use, I’d recommend this 360 bomb curl brush to any hair loving girls!

Photo on 15-07-2014 at 20.46 Photo on 15-07-2014 at 20.47

Here is a video clip I found on youtube, showing you how to use the 360° Bomb Curl Brush:

Have a great week ahead!

Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “The Miraculous 360° Bomb Curl Brush

    1. Hey Nina,

      Thanks for visiting our site! Yes I am also not a big fan of blow drying my hair because I find it really difficult and am a spaz when trying to control the dryer and the round brush at the same time! This is a great alternative, you should try it too!


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