Delicious Art – ATUM Desserant

Based on Egyption mythology, Atum means the complete, the God of Creation. The idea of ATUM Desserant is to create a unique experience for each customer. Tucked away in a newly built commercial building in Causeway Bay, you wouldn’t expect to stumble upon this artistic dessert cafe. Therefore, it was a lovely surprise when we entered the place. It has a nice dessert bar setting with a very minimalistic design and paired with abstract paintings hanging on the walls.


Setting the mood for the mad scientist vibe of the meal, you’re presented with a test tube amuse-bouche to cleanse your palette: watermelon juice with sea salt and the salty quinoa crisp.


Even though it has only been opened for three weeks, its “Improvisation” dish has been going viral on Instagram. This dish for two consists of various sweet things from the other seven dishes from their menu and our lovely chef Ezra would base the flavours to our liking and paint out the dessert in front of us, making each improvisation dish different and unique. It also gave us the chance to understand more about each ingredient that was placed in front of us, as well as different culinary techniques used. Not to mention that everything is made fresh in their kitchen everyday!



There are freeze dried passionfruit, raspberries, lime jelly, honey comb, green-tea mochi, bamboo charcoal apple sauce, meringue, cinnamon cream, chocolate jelly that are artfully delicious!


Their other dishes are:

LIME – Lime Mousse + White Chocolate + Chocolate Mud
APPLE – Macaron + Apple Jelly + Caramel Apple
PEANUT – Caramel Sauce + Meringue + Peanut Parfait
GREEN TEA – Red Bean Ice Cream + Green Tea Mousse + We ra bi mo chi
STONE – Raspberry Sand + Blood Orange + White Chocolate Mousse
BAMBOO CHARCOAL – Raspberry Sorbet + Chocolate Ice Marshmallow + Bamboo Charcoal Ice Cream
STEAK – Brownie + Pop Rocks + Yogurt Ice Cream
UNCERTAIN – ever-changing surprise special that is changed weekly

Each dessert order also includes a pot of tea – we ordered a pot of camomile and also their special fruit tea. The special fruit tea consists of fresh strawberries, dried fruits and chinese pu-er tea. Helping to balance out the sweet painting you just had.


Atum is currently in the process of expanding, they will soon be serving afternoon tea sets by the end of this month and more interesting desserts with intriguing flavours!

It was the first time where the Tweedlets have been excited for dessert, as we both prefer savoury food much more. However, this has given us a new perspective on sweet treats and we will definitely come back to try their other seven dishes. Make sure you book in advanced too, it gets quite crowded in the evenings.

Lots of Love,
Tweedle T

ATUM Desserant
Address: 16/F, The L. Square, No. 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2956 1411

After our visit to Atum, we went to Play Club to celebrate their 3rd Birthday.


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