CLIO: Gelpresso Waterproof Shadows Review


Hey darlings,

Today I am going to be reviewing CLIO’s new Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow Sticks. I got these in Seoul, Korea almost 2 months ago now and I think they are both fantastic products that are worth blogging about.

Each eyeshadow stick comes in a stick formula and the product is pushed up by the twisty stick. The eyeshadows have an extremely creamy formula and are very pigmented. If I am not mistaken, they come in 6 colours: 2 Pinks, 2 Browns, 1 Grey/Black and 1 Champagne. I bought the shades No.1 Beer Pong and No.5 Bottoms up.


4 Reasons to why I love them:

1 – Travel friendly. Being in stick form, I can easily slot them into my handbag or traveling make up bag and touch up throughout the day.

2 – Easy to apply. The texture is really creamy and glides on effortlessly, the colour payoff is really fantastic. I like to use No.1 Beer Pong on my entire lid then add No.5 Bottoms up to the outer corners, creating a smokey eye.

3 – No Brush required. I usually only wear mascara during the daytime but if I wanted to make my eyes look more dramatic in the evening, instead of having to bring an entire eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brush out with me, I have it narrowed down to two sticks, which I can blend in with my fingers.

4 – Very Waterproof. The forumla is very waterproof and will not budge once it is on your lids! Perfect for the summer when it’s hot and humid and you want your eyeshadow to last all day and night.

Both have a creamy texture and are very pigmented

I only have Beer Pong on my eyelid in this picture.

IMG_8967 IMG_8969

In these two pictures, I have added Bottoms Up to the outer edge of my eyes creating a more smokey effect. Today I don’t have any mascara or eyeliner on, but normally I would apply that as well! But since I am home all day I am not wearing any make up! :P

If you like the sound of these waterproof eyeshadows I am sure you can find them on ebay! A few Watsons in Hong Kong sells Clio’s products but I have not seen these eyeshadows being brought out yet.
Have a lovely day! :)

Lots of Love,
Tweedle D xoxo

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