Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review

Hellooo lovelies!

Today I will share with you the two tinted creams I have recently purchased and I will compared them with each other. The first one is the Shu Uemura BB Perfector Skin Smoothing Beauty Cream SPF30 PA++ (Deep Beige) from my previous post leaves your skin in a luminescent glow and does not make your skin look dull or grey. The second one is the Jouer Moisture Tint SPF15 (Nude). Another product to add to my Jouer Collection! This is an absolute new liquid/cream based favourite. The Jouer Moisture Tint controls shine all day long and leaves your skin with a soft velvety finish. It blends easily and you can apply it with your fingers or brush.

It has 5 different shades: Porcelain, a pale beige, it is best for extremely fair complexions, while Linen is slightly darker and best for light complexions. Nude, a neutral beige, works for light to medium complexions; Chamomile, a golden tone, suits medium to tan complexions; and Hazel, a nutty brown, is perfect for tan to dark complexions. I got this Nude, which is a lighter shade compared to the skin tone on my body because it is such a big tube and my tan fades rather quick. If I were to get the colour to match my tan, it would be Chamomile.


Shu Uemura BB Perfector Skin Smoothing Beauty Cream SPF30 PA++ – $360HKD

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint SPF15– $38USD (around $295HKD)


Shu Uemura BB Cream (left),  Jouer Matter Moisture Tint (right)

As you can see from the above photo, the Shu Uemura BB cream is more runny compared to the Jouer Matte Tint .


Half blended

Shu Uemura: Easily spread around the skin, it is thinner than the Jouer Matte Tint and the shade is also slightly lighter (but this is already the darkest shade).

Jouer: The areas where I have spread the product, mattifies instantly. It is creamier and only 0.0001 thicker than the Shu Uemura BB cream.


Almost there.

Both products have been spread almost evenly, you can still see the Shu Uemura BB cream is still shiny/luminescent on the skin. Whereas the Jouer Matte Tint leaves the skin shine free.


I have spread both of the products more evenly on my hand. (Not sure if you can see the differences)

The Shu Uermura BB cream leaves your skin slightly more glowy and shiny but after setting it with powder, the shine disappears. The Jouer Tint does not create shine on your face and does not need to be set with powder. As mentioned previously, both of these colours are lighter than my tan, but I usually set them with my Shu Uemura lightbulb compact powder which is in the correct colour to my body tan and it blends very naturally.

I have tested both products on a super hot humid day in Hong Kong. I applied the Shu Uemura Instant Pore Blurring Primer and then the BB cream or the Moisture Tint and setted it with Shu Uemura’s UV lightbulb compact powder. I can definitely say, JOUER wins! The Shu Uermura BB cream start oiling my face up after 2 hours (30min being in the sun, 1.5hours being in an air conditioned room). Whereas, the Jouer Matte Tint kept my shine away for the whole day and does not cake up my face. This mattifying tint is infused with titanium and zinc dioxides, which deflect both UVA and UVB rays. In addition, it has vitamins A, C, and E to deflect the free radicals that lead to premature aging.

Have you tried these two products? Let me know in the comments :)


Lots of Love

Tweedle T


2 thoughts on “Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review

    1. Hey,

      You can order it online from Cult Beauty, its a UK website but it ships worldwide. Or order it from Jouer’s Official Website. Unfortunately I don’t think they sell Jouer in HK.

      Hope this helps!

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