Product Recommendations for Soft Smooth Feet


It’s summer time and our feet are always on show in our flip-flops or sandals and the last thing you want are dry feet and cracked heels.

Being a sufferer of dry feet myself, I’m always up for trying new products to help me maintain soft, moisturised feet. Here are three products that I have tested and have proved themselves worthy!


Crazy looking – I know!

This Milky Foot Treatment I purchased in Mannings has an interesting concept. You soak your feet in the medicated plastic shoe type bag for 45 mins and 3 days later your entire foot will start peeling, helping to remove the whole layer of dead skin. Hence, reavealing a much softer, fresh layer of skin.

The peeling process was pretty shocking to me. One day a bobble appeared on my foot (looks like a blister that forms when you burn your skin) but without the watery liquid inside. It didn’t hurt at all but it appeared to be skin that was beginning to fall off. The whole peeling process took 5 days and I had to put on proper shoes to help hide the ugliness of my peeling feet! But the product did what it claimed and a week later I had beautiful soft feet!!! Though I am not sure if I will use this foot treatment again as the chemicals may not be too good for your skin. I definitely would not recommend you to do this frequently. Maybe once or twice a year.


IMG_7123 IMG_7130

I walk a lot on a day to day basis so my feet are bound to get dry. Hard skin will start forming especially on the pressure points of my feet. Normally, I would go to a nail salon and get a pedicure, where the pedicurist will help exfoliate my feet with some skin peeler tool. But I heard that it is not good for your feet as your skin will end up growing back thicker and harder.

Therefore, I decided to give Scholl’s new Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File a try. It was 400HKD, which is not the cheapest, but it was worth every penny! I definitely recommend anyone who wants nice feet to go get this electronic foot filing tool! It is so easy to use and very easily accessible.  I no longer have to visit the pedicurist to fix my dry feet – I can now do it myself at home. Operated with batteries, this foot file helps sand down hard skin with it’s gritty spinning head. Be sure to apply low pressure on your feet when using this and go slow, otherwise you may end up over-doing it and hurting your feet.

This is a fantastic product which I am going to keep forever!


The last product I want to recommend to you is the Innisfree Olive Real Moisture Foot Cream. This is a Korean beauty brand but you can get this in Hong Kong too. It was actually constantly sold out in Korea, so I was delighted when I finally managed to get my hands on this goodie! I have now got into a habit of applying foot cream every night before I go to bed. It makes the biggest difference to your feet! This foot cream is very hydrating and absorbs quickly too! Only 69HKD a tube, it’s defintely worth buying!

I can’t believe that half the summer is gone already – I hope everyone is having a great time!

Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xoxoxo


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