Blue Duck Workshop – Chef’s Soul Cuisine

As some of you may know, we, the Tweedlets are huge foodies and we love trying out new food/cuisines. A few weeks ago, we went to dine at a french cuisine private kitchen: Blueduck Workshop recommended by a passionate chef-to-be friend. Private Kitchens are rather popular in Hong Kong, they are low-profile eating places often in nondescript apartment blocks and sometimes even in residential quarters with no signage. Offering a more personalised service for small groups of discerning diners. Private Kitchens also provide a set menu which changes with the season, depending on what’s fresh in the market. They usually offer a more tailor-made menu for guests (you would have to phone-in and ask) and also for guests with special food requirements. There is no marketing or advertising of these restaurants, and usually it is by word-of-mouth referrals who had a good time with good food handle with love and care.

The building entrance to the Blueduck Workshop is on a narrow alley just off Stanley Street near Luk Yu. Once we arrived, the atmosphere changed from an old dull worn down building to a softly lit homey place with warm tones and a relaxing respite from downtown Central. The décor is like a friend’s apartment, though a bit 90s, with white walls, white paper on the tables and a spacious open kitchen. It offers a fixed dinner menu of six courses ($380per person), and the portions are quite generous. Three appetizers came one after the other, all to be shared home-style. The soup, main and dessert then came individually.


Homemade Focaccia served with Goose Liver Pate and Meat Rillettes


Black Truffle Eggs


Baked Crab Meat Pudding


Panfried Foie Gras and Mango Salad


Mushroom Soup


Wild Scallop and Sweet Chorizo Sausage


Daily Market Fish was Sea Bass


Berry Panna Cotta


We had a lovely time here and we particularly enjoyed all the dishes we had that night and especially the soft-boiled eggs in truffle cream and the Berry Pana Cotta! We are definitely coming back :)


Lots of Love

Tweedle T


* Blueduck Workshop, 2/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central / 3175 2448

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