Holika Holika Haul


As some of you may know from our Instagram (@tweedlets) that we visited Seoul, Korea recently! We had such a fantastic time and came back with a bunch of goodies.

First I’d like to share with you 4 products that I, (Tweedle D) purchased from Holika Holika, a popular Korean cosmetics brand. All four products are my current LOVES and am getting a lot of use out of them.

Holika Holika – Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask smells like grapes and comes in a jelly form. Once it is spread onto your skin it blends and absorbs really quickly, leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed. They recommend you put on a layer at night and wash it off in the morning. But yesterday, I slathered some on after a tanning session and it felt so good! My skin was instantly moisturised. I especially love the grapey scent of the product. It makes me want to eat it out of the jar!

Holika Holika – The Super Cara (01 Super Volume)

This is my current HOLY GRAIL product! I am so happy I discovered this beauty. I thought I would never find a product that could replace the Fairydrops Mascara that both the Tweedle T and I have been raving on and on about. But this… is my new FAVOURITE! Firstly, a very affordable product HKD62, which is half the price of fairydrops. The brush is thick and gooey, providing a heck load of volume and lift to my lashes. Two coats of this and I’m ready to go. My lashes stay curled after applying this stuff. I seriously highly recommend this product! Major loves for this awesome awesome mascara!!!!

P.S. It is quite hard to remove with eye make up remover, which proves it is super waterproof!

Holika Holika – Magic Pole Mascara 2X

The main reason why I got this mascara is because of it’s brush. The tiny rounded head is perfect for applying mascara on your bottom lashes, as well as the inner corners and outer edge of your top lashes (anywhere that is hard to reach with a big mascara wand). My tiny bottom lashes were honestly 2 times longer after applying 2 coats. Again, very waterproof and will not smudge throughout the day. Very inexpensive as well!

Holika Holika – Pro: Beauty Tint Tok

This lip product is genius! One side is a lip tint and the other side is a moisturiser. I’ve never come across a product like this before and I think it has a great concept. I find a lot of lipsticks too dry and have to carry a seperate lip balm/ gloss with me. But this product has both in one stick, saving me having to take out two products. You first apply the lip stain, followed by the tinted lip balm. The balm is super moisturising and the colour payoff is really good. There are 7 colours to choose from, mainly pinks and this is the only red shade they have.

Here is how it looks on my lips:

IMG_6606 IMG_6608
(Left) Bare Lips                                                        (Right) About to put on the lip stain

IMG_6610 IMG_6612
(Left) Lip stain on my lips                                (Right) About to apply the tinted moisturiser

Outcome: Super moisturised lips with a tint of red ;) I’ve tried this product twice and it has great staying power and my lips stayed moisturised for hours!! Another highly recommended lip product.

That is all for this haul! I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have tried any Holika Holika products that you’d recommend?

Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xoxoxo

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