Sun Protection for the Face


Summer has arrived and we want to keep our faces well protected from the sun. We all love a good tan, but not only do we need to apply sunscreen on the days when we are hitting the pool or the beach. But it is also a MUST to apply sun screen on a day to day basis! The sun can cause pre-mature wrinkles on our faces and makes us look much older than we are. It will be very obvious in your late 20s-30s. So take the extra step in the morning and slap on some sunscreen before you head out!

I personally wear sunscreen all year round! And I think this sunscreen is super amazing, therefore have to recommend it to you guys. This is the Sunkiller – Perfect Strong Plus  SPF 50+ PA+++. I’m pretty sure it is available in most of South East Asia. In Hong Kong, you can purchase this sunscreen in Sasa and Watsons. A little bottle goes a long way! It has lasted me for a year – and I just bought a fresh new bottle.

Why it is so great:
1- It is very light weight and non-greasy!! (MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR!)
2- Offers a very high SPF with UVA & UVB protection
3 – Made in JAPAN!
4- Inexpensive
5- Great size for traveling

Try this sunscreen out! You won’t be dissapointed ;)

Lots of love,
Tweedle D xoxo

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