A Holiday in Bodrum, Turkey

Hey guys,

As some of you may know I am currently in the land of Turk! One week has gone by so quickly and I have another week left before I head home to Hong Kong.

Last week I visited Bodrum, a city in the South-west of Turkey. It is a very popular holiday destination for tourists who want to getaway for a week of sun and sand. I was there for 3 nights and  4 days.

A bit about Bodrum
Bodrum can be a 1-hour flight or a 10-hour coach journey from Istanbul. And the coach journey is more expensive! Go figure! But for you strong environmentalists out there, you may choose to take the coach instead, as I’ve learnt that a plane can burn up to or more than 3,600 Gallons of fuel per hour.
In the holiday season (May-Sept), the city is full of life with lots of tourists and business going on. But in the winter months, the city is much quieter and employment decreases as local workers move back to their own cities during the off-season period.
*You can take a day trip to KOS (A greek island) which is just 3 hours away!


I arrived at Bodrum in the evening (8pm). We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went straight to explore the city and to get some dinner. Restaurants in Bodrum are open till the wee hours. All the restaurants we walked past at 11pm were still serving food to customers. We decided to eat at this kebab restaurant, as we really wanted to try out this special kebab called “Cig” kebab, where they grill the meat in a special way, making it extra tasty! We sat on the roof and had a fantastic view of the west coast of Bodrum. I ordered Lentil Soup and Cheese Kofte (Turkish beef meatballs), which was Nothing amaaaazing, but agreeable.


The next morning I decided to spend the morning by the pool and beach. By 11am all the pool’s sun loungers were taken so I went to the beach instead but at lunchtime, the pool cleared out a bit, so I quickly found myself a good spot. The weather was cloudy so I didn’t get much of a tan.  This is a picture of the pool at the resort.


In the evening, we ventured out to the city center to get some food and explore the city some more. The sky brightened up in the evening and I managed to capture a beautiful picture of the East coast of Bodrum (aka. The tourist coast of Bodrum)


We found a lovely restaurant by the sea that had outdoor seating. The staff were super friendly and the food was delicious! I ordered a pepper steak, which was absolutely scrumptious.

The following day, we signed up for a boat trip from 10am-5pm. The boat could fit around 50-60 people. There were sun loungers laid out on the top deck for sun worshipers like myself to soak up some rays! We traveled to 5 different islands within Bodrum and stayed at each location for an hour.

IMG_5416 IMG_5346 IMG_5363

This is me taking a dip in the icy cold water!!


At one beach, we were able to get off the boat to play around and get an ice cream. I came across these camels on the beach and people were paying to go on a camel ride! Did you know that a camel has 2 knees? I wonder why!


On our last day, we decided to have a very full on, busy day. We spent 2 hours swimming in the sea, the pool and used the indoor jacuzzi which was great! Then we headed over to see the Bodrum Windmills, which was a 10-minute walk from our hotel. The windmills are a top attraction in Bodrum.


During our walk up the windmills, I encountered this breathtaking view! We then headed down to Gumbet, which is the place for partying in the evening and water sports in the daytime. We got to the beach and did some extreme water sports that gave us both an adrenaline rush!


We then decided to visit the Bodrum Castle, which is yet another top attraction in Bodrum. We walked around for 2 hours exploring the castle and reading about the history of it. It was very interesting – and along the way there were some truly fantastic views of the city. I took a couple of snaps of the clear water and beautiful scenery.

IMG_5468  IMG_5502IMG_5510



In the evening, we visited a Spanish restaurant which did Tapas. It was a top recommendation in the Lonely Planet Guide, so we decided to give it a go! We ordered 7 tapas to share between 2 people and the quality of the food was exquisite. It was the perfect amount and we were really able to fully enjoy the taste of the food.

That was basically what I got up to during my 4 day trip in Bodrum! :)

Mistakes I made in Bodrum

1 – We decided to stay at a big Resort and Spa Hotel at Bodrum and that was a bad idea. I did a search on hotel accommodation online a month before traveling and thought the Salmakis Resort and Spa was a perfect option since everything looked so glamorous and big. Imagine a glossy magazine of pictures of nice swimming pools, facilities, private beach and more. Arriving at the hotel, the lobby was huge and we were served by the receptionist who was extremely busy (understaffed!!). The hotel mainly offered package holidays where meals and drink were all inclusive and guests would fully board at the hotel without stepping foot outside the resort. Personally, that isn’t my ideal holiday. I much prefer spending some time at the city center exploring, and having a more ”personal” touch at the hotel. I guess if we chose to live at a smaller, boutique sized hotel, the staff might have been friendlier and more helpful. The resort was also filled with 70% Overweight/obese people and it really wasn’t ideal…

2 – Not doing enough research before heading to Bodrum. On the day of the trip, we had a quick read of his Lonley Planet Travel Guide of Turkey to get more background information about the city of Bodrum. However, I felt that a bit more planning beforehand could have made our stay an even better one. I’d definitely advise anyone to do a good amount of research before heading off to a holiday to really make the most out of it! Preparation is key! The area we chose to live in was quite far away from the city center and was situated in the wealthier area of Bodrum. The more touristy “young” area was on the other side of the city so we had to take quite a lot of taxi rides!

Overall, I did enjoy my stay at Bodrum. It is a nice place for a getaway if the weather is good. It gets quite chilly in the evening so remember to bring a cardigan/ hoody!

Have you traveled to Turkey before? Tell me about it in the comments section below, I’d love to hear about the places you have been to!

Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xoxoxo

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