Grooming ze Eyebrows

I remember having heard someone say that even the prettiest woman or top model in the world needs a well groomed pair of brows to look good. Even if they have a perfect face and features, its all down to a good set of brows which helps to frame your face. This brings me on to the topic of this blog. EYEBROWS!

I definitely agree that a set of neat, strong brows can really change a person’s face and help them look more awake and well put together. On a daily basis, I cannot leave the house without 3 things done:
1- Eyebrows
2- Mascara
3 – Under eye concealer

This is how my brows look on most days. Some days I like to make them a tad thicker depending on my mood.
I naturally have quite dark hairs on my brows so I don’t have to do too much work on them. I do pluck stray hairs everyday if I see them, I find getting rid of them on a daily basis takes 5 seconds, whereas saving it a weekly pluck will take so much longer and I can’t stand seeing regrowth!



Canmake Eyebrow Powder Duo (Sasa)

As you can see this product has been well loved. I have used it every day for over a year now and it is still going strong. I only use the darker powder to fill in the sparse areas in my brows. This colour matches my hair colour which is a plus!  Powders are great because it gives you a natural finish and is buildable.


Cyber Colours 24hr Eyebrow Pen (Sasa)

I then use this eyebrow pen to shape my brows, lining the top of my brows, taking it to the arch and down to the end. The pen has a creamy texture and glides on easily. Using a light hand and short strokes will give it a natural finish. After that, I use the spooley brush on the other end of the pen to spread the product out to achieve a more natural, even finish.

GOSH Clear Eyebrow Gel (Boots)

Finally, I like to set my brows with a clear brow gel to make sure the hairs don’t move about during the day!

Take a look at what a big difference it makes to have defined, groomed eyebrows. I think it really helps frame my face.

IMG_4942 IMG_4944 IMG_4939
Top: Groomed brow | Middle: Natural Brow | Bottom: Comparing the two!

My Routine:
1 – Pluck stray hairs
2 – Fill in sparse areas in the eyebrow with powder
3 – Use pencil liner to shape the brow to create a strong edge and nice finish
4- Use spooley brush to brush out your brows to soften the look
5 – Set everything in place with a clear brow gel

That is it for this post!! I really hope you enjoyed it!

Here are some less serious pictures of my crazy brows :P
IMG_4905 IMG_4906

Have a lovely day wherever you are! :)

(P.S. I am SO excited because
1 – Its my birthday tomorrow. I haven’t spent my bday at home (in Hong Kong) for 7 years so it is nice to be home for a change!
2 – I am flying to Istanbul, Turkey on Friday for 2 weeks!! HOLIDAYYYYYYYY! WHOOP!)

Are any of you May babies too?

Lots of Brow loving,

Tweedle D xoxoxoxo

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