Nail Polish Colour Wheel


Hello readers!

Welcome back to our blog. It has been very rainy in Hong Kong recently so I decided to stay indoors to keep dry! I have had some time to organise my nail polish collection and got rid of the ones that are a few years old and polishes that I haven’t used in a long time. I purchased a pack of clear colour wheels from Ebay a few years back and decided to make use of them!


I gathered my favourite colours and painted each one on my colour wheel palette. I thought this  would be great at helping me to quickly decide what colour polish I feel like wearing. Instead of having to dig through my bag to locate them, while not remembering how the colour actually looked like on the nail.

And just looking at these colours wheels makes me happy!!! :D


I put little stickly labels at the back of the wheel to keep things organised ;)

While digging through my nail polishes, I re-discovered these two beauties! They are the Dolce & Gabbana nail lacquer in Gold and the Ciate paint pot in Sand Dune. Both are gorgeous GOLD shades.

I have 2 coats of D&G’s gold polish on in this picture.

I then topped it off with Ciate’s Sand Dune which gave my nails a beautiful shimmer. I think it looks much better with the glitter layered on top!

What are your current favourite polishes?? Are you more of a pastels girl or do you prefer neutral colours?

Lots of Nail Loving,

Tweedle D xoxoxo

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