Achieving Heatless Wavey Hair

My hair is naturally straight and I have recently been longing for some volume and texture in the body of my hair. But I don’t want to have to use hot tools on my hair everyday as I know it is very damaging in the long run and as my hair is already have dry, I really try to avoid using curling irons. I have been searching for ways to achieve heatless, natural waves and went off searching for hair products which could help me get this look. I have found a product which I must recommend to you all!

Picture on Left: My natural hair | Picture on Right: Heatless wavey hair!

I have tried a bunch of different curlers that I purchased from Sa-Sa / Log-on, and sadly I had to return them all as they didn’t work!!! :\

However, I finally came across this one, very interesting looking product which I have to share with you!
These macaroon look-alikes come in a packet of 6 and is made from a sponge material and is very bouncy. It is designed to help you achieve gentle waves overnight on damp hair. I tried this product around three times and have loved the outcome!

HOW:  I washed my hair and let it dry to around 70%. Then I then wrapped my hair, from the mid sections onwards around the core of the sponge. Once I reached the ends of my hair, I squeezed the top and bottom parts of the ball together and my damp hair stayed put and did not fall out. I slept overnight with these bad boys on (I know, it looks a bit cray) but it was  very comfortable and didn’t disrupt my sleep. I woke up the next morning with gentle waves in my hair!

Tip 1: You can use straighteners to style the bottom parts of your hair so they curve inwards to create a blow-dry effect. I do that when I have more time.
Tip 2: Add some sea salt spray or texturising spray to help the curls stay for longer.
Tip 3: Remember not to wrap your hair around the sponge balls until they are almost dry (ie. 70-80%) because that is when the shape is determined. I tried putting them in the balls when they were only 40-50% dry and it didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 00.50.57

Soft Ball Curler (packet of 6)
I highly recommend this product to you all as it is very inexpensive HKD$69 or less from Log-on, Hong Kong. This product is originally from Japan. But if you don’t live in Hong Kong or Japan, you can still find it on Amazon (I checked ;)) It is a fuss free and heat free way of creating gentle curls – giving your hair added volume and texture! Whats not to love? ;)

Lots of Love,

Tweedle D xoxoxoxoxo

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