View from the Shard

HAPPY FRIDAY! What are you up to this easter weekend?

Sadly I still haven’t receive my parcels from ASOS or Lookfantastic, it seems I don’t think I have much luck with deliveries either. According to the live tracking from ASOS, the vehicle broke down yesterday and I have no idea what is happening with lookfantastic, I had been emailing them for two days already and each time I get different answers. It is rather disappointing from them too.

Photo 17-04-2014 07 26 35 pmPhoto 17-04-2014 07 46 19 pm Photo 17-04-2014 07 38 55 pm I went to the Shard yesterday and it was amazing. I also went into the viewing gallery before sunset so I can see both london by day and night. Located near London Bridge, the Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe at 1,016ft. It also offers breath-taking views of London.

photo (1) Photo 18-04-2014 10 37 04 am Photo 17-04-2014 07 44 05 pm

There are three different restaurants from the 31st to the 33rd floor. The 34th floor to the 52nd floor house the Shangri-La Hotel and Spa and the 53rd to the 65th floor are exclusively to 10 residences with 360 degree views across London. ( I wish I lived here and waking up to this view everyday! ) The viewing platform is on the 68, 69 and 72 and visitors are whisked up in two high speed lifts in around 60 seconds! When you arrive, you would be able to see a 360 degree view of the capital’s skyline to up to 40 miles from the platform. On the 72nd floor, it is partially open-air, the glass of the building doesn’t come together in the corners. So starting at 72, you get the wind and rain, giving you a more remarkable experience.

Photo 17-04-2014 07 50 54 pmPhoto 17-04-2014 07 58 20 pm

There are also these specially designed telescopes that allow you to pick up London’s landmarks in the streets below and when you focus on one landmark, it gives you information about that particular landmark. There are also different options on the screen on how you want to view London, such as viewing it live, in daylight, at night etc. The cost for a ticket is £24.95 for adults which is comparable to other attractions. It is also queue free as tickets can be bought online in advanced. Compare to other attractions such as London Eye or Madame Tussuads, immediate access or fast pass costs well over £25. There is also no exit time when visiting the Shard and you only need to get out when they close the attraction at night. As long as you arrive 10-30 minutes before the time designated on your ticket, you can stay as long as you like!

Photo 18-04-2014 10 48 54 am
Toilet with a view

Photo 18-04-2014 10 35 31 am  Photo 17-04-2014 08 11 36 pmPhoto 17-04-2014 08 16 00 pm Photo 17-04-2014 08 13 18 pmPhoto 17-04-2014 08 01 22 pm

Look at all lights, looks like a stream of lava I have been on the London Eye before and if I were to choose which attraction to pick, I would definitely go for the Shard. Not only you can spend however long you want on the viewing platforms, you get to see a lot more of London than spinning on a Ferris Wheel for 30min max. Have you guys been to the Shard before? What do you think?

Hope you’ll all have a lovely weekend feasting and munching on chocolate eggs!

Lots of Love x
Tweedle T

4 thoughts on “View from the Shard

  1. Can’t say I’ve been to The Shard before, though I’ve only ever been to London once and that was almost 6 years ago. I suppose I’m due for another visit. If only to get to use a toilet with a fantastic view.

    Yep. I’m amused by the simple things in life.

  2. These views are sick man. Especially that toilet omg. To be honest I wouldn’t mind living there… small, cosy, and if you need it the bowl is just a few meters from you. I love your blog man, it’s so personal and all. I look forward to seeing more posts from you girls. Have a nice day, and Easter :)

    Take care! Greetings from Singapore btw!

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