The Benefits of Squatting



Why squatting is so good for you

1 – You can do it anywhere. For basic squats, you can virtually do them anywhere. You don’t need any equipment and it is an easy way to keep toned at all times, even when you are on holiday. If you want to incorporate weights into your squats, you can pick up a few books or a large water bottle instead!

2- It works your entire body. Try doing a single squat now. All the major muscles groups in your body is being used to complete a proper squat. Your arms, bum, abs and legs are all being strengthened through squatting.

3- Build lean muscles. Squatting actually helps build muscles real quickly. When I first incorporated squats into my workout routine, I struggled to complete 10 reps without weights. Now I do 3-4 sets of 20 reps with weights. I can definitely see the improvement in my muscle toning rate. Remember, muscles burns more fat!!!

4- Improves sporting performance. I feel that squatting makes my legs stronger. This in turn helps me run longer, faster and harder. After doing a strength session at the gym, when I go for a 30 minute run I feel that the muscles in my arms and legs are really firm and tight and not just wiggling about all over the place.

5- Tightens everything. Squatting tones your body like no other. Say goodbye to all that loose ”flesh” hanging around. We all want that nice perky bum!


How to squat

First you must warm up!!! Do a 5 minute blast of cardio exercises to get your body moving and blood pumping to your muscles.

1 – Stand firmly, with your feet shoulder width apart.
2- Hold your arms straight out in front of you.
3- Keep your back straight
4- Bend your knees slowly, until you reach a 90 degrees angle and hold it. Make sure your heels are touching the ground and your knees are centered over your feet. It should feel like your are sitting on an invisible chair. Feel the burn….
5- Bring your body back up to a neutral position.

Repeat 15-20 times for 1 set.

As you get more used to normal squatting, add in dumbbells into your routine to increase the difficulty and for quicker improvements.
*Also remember to really tighten your abs as you squat!


I started squatting about a year ago as my course mate & gym buddy, who also studied sports science recommended me to do so. I really struggled in the beginning but I am so happy with the results and squats are now part of my “must-dos” in my exercise routine! Try it out and let me know what you think!

Happy squatting everyone ;)

Lots of Love, Tweedle D xoxoxoxo

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Squatting

  1. Thanks for sharing the benefits of squatting! I wonder would this exercise exert pressure on your knee. I tried doing a few times and felt very straining on my knees.

    1. Hey belindq, did you check with your posture when you squat? Maybe your weight is far too far forward at the bottom of the squat or knees are not in line with your toes, hope it helps :) if it still hurts, maybe squatting is not for you and there are other exercise that work as well

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